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Online PR services: Your Brand Can’t Survive In The Modern World Without Online PR

In today’s increasingly digital-centric world, online PR services are crucial to the ongoing and future success of a business. If you don’t have an online PR solution in place, or if your existing agency isn’t offering this kind of service, now is the time to change that.

Because, chances are, you’re losing out and damaging your brand reputation in the process.

It’s now critical for businesses to employ a digital PR agency to lead online PR and digital PR strategies… and here’s why

Why you need digital PR

The vast majority of people now form their entire impression of a brand, based on that organisation’s digital presence. Your brand identity is now an entity in its own right, living and breathing in real-time and it can be affected by as much as a single tweet or Google review.

It’s important to recognise that your brand presence and the brand loyalty of your customers can be swayed positively or negatively by your digital PR efforts.

Because of this, digital PR is critical as it serves as a tool to maintain a positive reputation as well as manage your reputation during crucial crisis management moments.

How does digital PR serve your brand?

In recent years PR has become an umbrella term for a vast number of processes, skills and principles. Here at AMBITIOUS PR, with our digital PR agency experience, we handle everything from content creation to social media strategies for our clients.

Traditional PR, in the sense of news stories going into print media, is just a very small percentage of what entails a PR’s role.

Modern PR is all done with the aim to improve and or maintain a brand’s online presence. This is because the nature of the news and social media cycle has fundamentally changed.

Public reputations are now far more long-lasting, potentially even permanent, because the discourse around businesses and brands predominantly takes place in online settings.

We’ve all seen examples of something an individual or a business has said or done in the past and how it has come back to haunt them now. It’s far easier for this to happen in the modern online world because information lasts beyond a lifetime in this setting.

Digital PR campaigns in action

Digital PR can serve to achieve many required goals or outcomes. Attracting new business, converting potential customers into buyers, building and maintaining a reputation as a thought leader or just trying to get as many eyes on your brand as possible.

The goals and outcomes may differ but the actual digital PR services, the tactics and the delivery can take just as many forms.

Social media: one of the most commonplace elements of digital PR is social media. The various social media outlets all serve varying purposes. Brands making the most appropriate use of the channels that are the most relevant to them and their audiences will, invariably, find the most success.

Content: you can’t have a social media strategy, without a content strategy. Right now video content is the most dominant and influential form of online content marketing. But there are many types of content beyond just video. Once you have your content, the means of making the most of this is to distribute it throughout your PESO (paid, earned, shared and owned) channels.

Non-traditional outreach: just as ‘traditional PR would see an agency leveraging media outlets and contacts, this can be taken one step further. Non-traditional outreach can be online media engagement, placing articles and content within the trade or consumer titles. But it also extends out into the social sphere. Twitter and Instagram, for example, are awash with influencers of all kinds. Businesses can now leverage brand awareness to great effect here.

An example of this in action is our PR work with Origin Workspace saw us interacting with Innocent Smoothies (91,400 followers) and Mark Wright (71,100 followers) on Twitter.

SEO strategy: a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of digital PR strategy. Every business in the world wants to appear at the very top of search engine results pages (SERP). But this isn’t something that happens overnight.

SEO success brings together all aspects of digital PR for the benefit of the SERP. For instance, ensure your online PR has suitable backlinks, and that you’re placing content into appropriate titles with strong domain authoritative links. Even linking up your socials to your website has an impact on your SERP.

The customer journey: while not strictly speaking a traditional pr aspect, the customer journey has a profound impact on your brand reputation. Using tools such as keyword research and site traffic analysis, brands can improve their digital PR through the enhancement of their online customer journey.

Data-driven approach: the world of digital pr is more data-driven than that of traditional PR. Expert insight is fundamental to interpreting this data correctly and acting upon it in the most effective and responsive manner. The only way a digital pr service can be effective and successful is with this approach.

How digital PR can impact your brand awareness

When developed and executed correctly. Digital PR services position your brand as an authentic part of the conversation within the audience network you’re targeting.

Regardless of industry, everyone wants to be the first brand that comes to mind and the one that users and consumers actively choose to seek out. But this kind of brand awareness and positioning takes time and effort.

We cannot understate how important it is, for any kind of business, that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Ill-thought-out digital PR campaigns and digital PR strategies can have no impact at best. A half-baked approach could even cause more harm to your brand reputation than good.

Simply, if your business needs to perform better online, you must be committed to making a long-term investment in digital PR.

Implementation: this is what makes digital PR services important

As a leading digital PR agency, we understand that no one can afford to ignore their digital presence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh new start-up, or a long-established player, to thrive and survive in the modern age you need to be implementing digital pr campaigns and engaging with digital PR specialists.

But why?

  • A poor online experience makes it harder to convert new customers
  • For many customers, existing and potential, their sole brand touch point will be an online one. So these have to be a priority
  • Search engines govern your brand presence, it is ill-advised to ignore the importance of SEO as part of a digital PR service and resign yourself to forever being on page seven of Google
  • You need to create compelling content to stand out from your competition
  • High-quality editorial links are crucial. Google’s recent product updates to its E A T framework will punish your SERP for what it deems as low-quality, irrelevant or misinformation
  • Your social media content can boost your brand. But ill-timed, inappropriate and ineffective content marketing can be more damaging than beneficial
  • Effective digital pr requires experienced digital PR experts and specialists to deliver.
  • Digital PR is much more than media relations, press releases and online news. It’s link building, data research, building organising traffic, SEO, referral traffic, influencer marketing and so much more.
  • The scope and scale require deep understanding and a data-driven approach which traditional pr agencies often cannot provide
  • Executing a digital pr strategy takes time, effort and determination. Fail to plan and plan to fail.


Properly strategised and executed digital PR campaigns can work wonders. They should be a key part of any forward-thinking digital PR and marketing strategy.

If your brand could use a little help with online PR, then feel free to give us a call. Contact AMBITIOUS PR today to see what our team can do to help you, or check out a few of our online PR case studies.