Your Brand Can’t Survive In The Modern World Without Online PR

Online PR is key to your brand’s success in the modern world

In today’s world, where people place much higher importance on online interactions, your brand’s digital identity matters. If you don’t have an online PR solution in place, your brand is losing out on potential business. Here’s why it’s critical to invest in an online PR strategy, and how it can help your brand.

Why your brand needs online PR

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the shift from bricks-and-mortar towards digital sales, with online shopping accounting for as much as a third of all retail sales. Many people’s entire impression of your business comes solely from your digital presence. If this isn’t up to scratch they won’t have a favourable opinion to pass on to their peers. As we’ve recently explored, cultivating favourable opinions is an essential part of managing your brand’s reputation. So, you need to make sure your web presence exceeds expectations!

A good PR strategy will include digital PR to ensure reaching brand’s customers to secure quality backlinks and increase online traffic to the website. 

How does it serve your brand?

PR is an umbrella term for a huge range of processes. At AMBITIOUS PR, we handle everything from content creation to social media strategies for our clients. These are all undertaken with the aim of improving their brand’s online presence. Successful online PR creates a sales funnel through which potential customers travel, reinforcing their likelihood of making a purchase at every stage.

It improves your brand awareness and online presence, and boosts your brand reputation and appearance in search results. 

What does successful digital PR look include?

The main goal of online PR is to attract new business, converting potential customers into actual buyers. There are several components to this:

  • Social media: A coherent, defined social media presence that understands its audience, presenting the brand as an authentic part of the social mediaconversation.
  • Content: Video may be the king of social media, but all content types are relevant. Once created, content can be distributed through PESO (paid, earned, shared & owned) media channels.
  • Outreach: Just as with traditional PR, online PR involves reaching out to have your brand featured in high-profile places. This may involve placing content on external sites or interacting with relevant social media accounts. For instance, our PR work with Origin Workspace saw us interacting with Innocent Smoothies (91,400 followers) and Mark Wright (71,100 followers) on Twitter.
  • Customer journey optimisation: A slightly more technical aspect of PR, involves looking at how potential customers become buyers. Using tools such as keyword research and site traffic analysis, brands can improve their digital PR by enhancing the effectiveness of their online customer journey.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: PPC advertising is expensive and no substitute for an organic PR strategy, but it is a useful counterpart. A well-tuned, targeted PPC campaign can help reach a wide audience, particularly if your brand is still building its web presence.

How it can impact your brand

A digital PR strategy is all about being active and engaged with the online world. When carried out correctly, this positions your brand as an authentic part of the conversation in the audience network you’re targeting. You’ll be the first brand that comes to mind for your target audience, and the one they choose to seek out.

It can’t be overstated how important this is for any brand, but like anything worth doing, it has to be done well. A half-baked online PR strategy has little effect. If your brand needs to perform better online, you need to commit to long-term investment in digital PR, with buy-in from senior management.

Implementing your brand

In our view, no brand can afford to ignore the importance of the digital realm. Whether you’re a brand-new startup or an established player, you need to take digital PR seriously:

  • Many customers’ sole contact with your brand will be online, so this has to be a priority
  • A poor online experience makes it harder to convert new customers and retain existing ones
  • Online PR covers a variety of techniques, all of which are concerned with improving the customer journey
  • A successful online PR strategy takes time and determination. Plan ahead and get buy-in from senior management


Digital PR campaigns work wonders for your business and should be a part of any serious digital marketing strategy. If your brand could use a little help with online PR, then feel free to give us a call. Contact AMBITIOUS PR today to see what our team can do to help you, or check out a few of our online PR case studies.

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