What’s in a name? Actually, quite a lot

Given our own experience of changing our own name from Three C to AMBITIOUS only months after launching the business we read with particular interest this article from growth business.co.uk  this week. At the time we changed our name, we did so after feedback from clients and our networks and the move to AMBITIOUS has really benefited the business since.

Looking at the stories behind some of the most prominent growing UK companies including Innocent, Graze and Secret Escapes, the naming of a company is often overlooked.

Growth Business says

“The naming of a company, although vitally important, is often overlooked in the early days as other factors such as financing, building the right team and acquiring customers dominates. However, getting it wrong at the start can prove to be extremely expensive and time-consuming if it has to be changed at a later date. To find out how the right name has worked for five of the most promising growth and expansion-stage companies in Britain, we put three simple questions to co-founders from each business.

Here’s the full article  http://www.growthbusiness.co.uk/growing-a-business/business-tools/2461007/the-name-game-stories-behind-the-naming-of-some-of-the-most-prominent-growing-uk-companies.thtml#sthash.Aoicu7AB.dpuf

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