What is Social Media Marketing? It is fundamentally the practice of gaining attention for your business, brand or organisation through social media sites and specifically encouraging viewers to share it through their social networks.

Anyone, and therefore any business, with internet access is able to use social media and it’s for that reason that platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are able to engage and connect people worldwide in ways other communications platforms don’t.

In today’s globally connected world, social media plays an increasingly important role in the way people communicate and that impacts on how businesses large and small manage their own business communications.

Social media is certainly not just for consumer brands. The opportunities for all types of businesses, especially SMEs, to embrace and utalise social media marketing can offer highly targeted, cost effective and efficient channels to reach customers and influencers.

Unlike most other communications tools and activities, social media marketing offers users an opportunity to actively engage, listen and importantly learn.

The very spirit of social media is founded upon relationship building, engagement and in particular

participation. And it’s that particular mix that makes social media an exceptionally useful vehicle for businesses – a real opportunity to understand customers’ behaviors, sentiment and feelings towards them.

For businesses considering social media as part of their marketing communications activity, the starting point needs to be asking the question ‘why?’ – what do we want to get out of it, what are we trying to achieve and who are we trying to reach. Like all communication, there is no real ‘off the peg’ solution. Social media marketing needs to be aligned to strategic business goals in order for it to be fully effective. That’s where AMBITIOUS can help.

You maybe a business looking to reach HR Directors and CEOs or you are a start-up business looking to reach investors. From the get-go, AMBITIOUS will help you integrate your business objectives with your communications plan and ensure your social media marketing activity is relevant and worthwhile for your business.

In particular, we understand and have experience in how businesses can get the best value out of social media – reach the audiences they want and get them engaged. From LinkedIn Pulse, Twitter and Facebook to Google Your Business we work out the best strategy for your business and can manage every aspect of social media – including helping you to recruit and train up your own internal resource.

Some of the social media marketing activities that your business could consider, could include:

  • Social Media Audit – we undertake a full audit of your social media footprint, along with your key competitors. We look at what’s in place, what’s being posted, said and shared. The insight from the social media audit helps to inform the strategy
  • Social Media Strategy – using insight from the audit, we develop a social media strategy that supports your commercial business objectives. The strategy provides the framework – the audiences, the channels, the content and the resource
  • Social Media Profile Set Up – we will identify and set up the social networks that are best suited to your business needs, based on the strategy and audit insight
  • Social Media Content – with the right platforms in place, getting the social media content right is key to successful engagement. We develop copy, images, videos that all aim to inspire and create better engagement for your business
  • Community Management – we help support your social media community with content outreach and ongoing communications. We also identify relevant communities to engage that help to broaden your own social media footprint
  • Monitoring – we can help track conversations, trends, engagement, messages and stories through free and paid for monitoring tools to help understand customer behavior, sentiment and action
  • Competitor Monitoring – in addition to your own social media platforms, we are able to monitor competitor social activity too, providing value insight for your business
  • Real Time Marketing – social media marketing in ‘real-time’ focuses on creating timely and topical content with the aim of getting shared in the moment. Real-time marketing is often based around trending topics and the real-time news agenda. We look to maximise on the opportunities that presents in a way that supports business messages rather than just for the sake of it

Social Media Advertising

When it comes to social media marketing and digital PR, businesses need to look at the combined roles of paid, owned and earned media as part of their marketing communications mix.

PR has long been associated with earned media – where PR activity reaches out to the media in order to get them to write and publish stories – but with the integration of communications channels and platforms, supporting campaign activity with paid for social media is a powerful PR tool and one being used with increasing effectiveness.

Social media advertising can be highly effective and importantly tailored to suit budgets large and small.

At AMBITIOUS, we can help set up and manage on social media advertising campaigns for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter that help with all aspects of marketing communications.

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