Content marketing is the strategic planning, creation, distribution and measurement of sharing media (images, video, infographics etc..) and published content to generate and engage customers. Giving your business something to talk about that inspires the people you want to inspire.

Presented in a multitude of formats and importantly prepared cross-channel (digital and print), content marketing looks to create timely and compelling content that includes booklets, videos, webinar, podcasts, social posts, research, presentations, infographics, white papers, industry reports, how-to-guides, web pages, images, Q&As, downloads, customer case studies, user stories, user thoughts and experiences, articles… anything that offers value, help and entertainment to the viewer and that has the potential to be shared.

PR communications and content marketing are very much interlinked, part of the same pie. PR strategy maps out the best channels to target audiences, what to say, how to say it and when. Content is the written or visual material that will be developed to share with your audience (s) once the who, what, when, where why has been established.

At AMBITIOUS, only once we understand your business objectives and have an agreed PR strategy in place do we go onto create content. We believe this delivers much more effective approach.

Our content development always starts with industry insight and it’s the insight that drives the story, the creative idea and of course the relevant channels to engage the target audiences – we look at what audiences are interested in, what they value, what they’ll find useful or entertaining and importantly what is likely to engage them. We then plan a topical and timely schedule of content that is best suited to the needs to the business.

But what can content marketing actually do for your business? For SMEs in particular, content marketing is an effective tool because it multitasks.

Many small businesses simply don’t have the weighty budgets available to them in the same way larger brands often do. So, marketing communications activity that builds awareness, drives better levels of engagement and generates leads offers real value for money and a return on investment.

Content marketing can do a number of things for your business, including:

  • Help to raise awareness of your brand
  • Help to build trust in your brand and business
  • Help with positioning your business in competitive marketplace
  • Help to promote a specific product or service to a particular audience
  • Help to communicate complex messages
  • Help to drive traffic to your website
  • Help with your SEO progamme
  • Help with you social media profile
  • Measure success through tools such as Google Analytics and website traffic

Ultimately a well thought through content marketing strategy, targeted communications and inspiring content can help you achieve your business objectives be that winning more business, recruiting staff or attracting investors.

Do get in touch if you think we can help you ….

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