Team AMBITIOUS has welcomed a new member this month – 17 year old apprentice Isobel Bryant.

Joining as a Junior Digital PR and Content Apprentice, Isobel will be working with the team to develop her skills and take the first step of her career working within the marketing communications sector.

Prior to her appointment, Isobel studied creative media and technology, where she gained an extended knowledge of video production involving: research and development of ideas, camera and audio operation and photo and video editing.

She has already built up an impressive portfolio of short films, having created promotional video content for a client early this year. And, her experience in project management and production will be an important part of her day to day role.

Part of a 13-month apprenticeship programme that sees her role being split between AMBITIOUS and Bristol Media, Isobel will also be spending one day a week studying through Cirencester College, the training provider behind the industry specific apprenticeship.

On getting her role underway, Isobel said: “I’m so pleased to be joining AMBITIOUS and Bristol Media, it’s an opportunity like no other – being able to work and connect with those who are leading the creative community I want to work in. I’m looking forward to learning more about content marketing and hope that I can share my experience in social media and video production too.”

A first for AMBITIOUS, Director, Lis Anderson, added: “Taking on an apprentice is new for our agency, but we felt was an important step in supporting a young person wanting to get into the industry.

Along with her energy and enthusiasm, Isobel brings with her some valuable skills, so we’re really looking forward to helping her develop a career within our Bristol PR agency and helping her to make worthwhile connections through her work with Bristol Media.”