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Using video content for social – what you need to know

Video is a powerful marketing tool. According to research conducted by Social Media Week, 96% of small business agree that video is an important way to connect with their audience authentically. So why are only 50% of those same small businesses actually creating video?

Our PR agency team understands that making video content for social media can be complicated, costly and time consuming for businesses so we’re always looking for ways to help our clients.  We recently tuned into SMW ONE session ‘Little Resources Big Results: how to make an impact with video’ with Vimeo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Harris Beber to learn how to do more with less.

Vimeo is the world’s leading professional video platform, so we knew we’d be in good company. This is what Harris Beber had to say:

Make the first 3 seconds count. The first 3 seconds in a video intent for social media are the most important.  It is a tiny window to capture the attention of the audience. How can you do that in 3 seconds? Be disruptive, use colour, use motion and display your brand.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. One of the barriers to making video is the drive for perfection. But in this current climate where people can’t get into the studio, we’re seeing the news broadcasted from homes and big brands like ASOS showcasing user generated content in place of product shots. It just doesn’t need to be polished.

Consider the platform you’re using. Each platform has a different purpose and this can be a good thing. A single piece of video content could serve as 5 pieces of content if you can tailor it to suit each platform. Consider a change of editing style or soundtrack. Now you can repurpose a video intent for Instagram for Twitter or LinkedIn.

Create In bulk. Use time efficiently.  Put your greatest  efforts into creating the video asset then use a scheduling tool, like Hootsuite, to publish across your platforms.

Post frequently to reach your audience. The shelf life of a video on social media is approximately 4 days and 75% of the video’s views occur during this time. If you want to reach your followers again, you’ll need to publish new content.

Be authentic. The best way to sell your business value right now is to tell stories. Take Vimeo for example, in February they launched their new video editing app, Vimeo Create. Quickly after launch the businesses that might have used their product for growth, would actually use it for survival. Their marketing campaign became less about selling software and more about supporting their community.

If you need support implementing video into your communications strategy, get in touch with our experienced team who can help with everything from planning out what to say to editing the final video cut.

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