As a busy PR agency, we use a host of time-saving gadgets. The right public relations tools and apps can make your life much easier, helping you find contacts and leads and saving you time on everyday tasks.

You name the task or problem, and there are tools out there to help you. So, from Team AMBITIOUS, here’s our summary of the best PR tools we use on a regular basis.

Social media monitoring


It’s no longer enough to have a great website. Most businesses now benefit from regular social media posts. When it comes to having a successful social media strategy, frequency and consistency are vital.

Planning and scheduling your posts on various social media outlets is quick and easy to do by using online tools for social media management. Hootsuite is probably one of the most popular PR tools because you can manage multiple social media accounts in one place 24/7.

Why we use Hootsuite

We love Hootsuite because it’s brilliant for public relations campaigns. We use it to track our clients’ connections, keep an eye on their competitors, and find influencers who match our clients’ brand values.

We can also track what others are saying about our clients and the issues they care about. It also provides access to clear and concise management analytics so we can easily track social media performance.

Media lists


Media databases are an essential part of our public relations toolkit. A media database such as Roxhill is still one of the best PR tools around, especially when we’re working with a new client or project where media relations is a key focus.

Roxhill provides PR professionals with a useful directory of journalists, influencers and editorial contacts, divided up not only by media outlet but by interest and specialism.

It’s a great starting point for finding new contacts (including bloggers) and holds important contact details, including email addresses, phone numbers, and social media handles. Plus, you know that all the data is GDPR compliant.

If you want to boost your PR campaigns and start promoting your products and services to a specific target audience, building your own list of media contacts is essential.

Media monitoring

Cision Media Monitoring

As media monitoring tools go, Cision Media Monitoring is one of the best out there for the PR industry and one of our favourite PR tools. Once we’ve reached out to journalists and influencers, sent out our clients’ press releases and secured brilliant media coverage, it’s vital to see if we’re reaching the right target audience.

Not only this, but we also want advanced analytics. For example, we want to know what people are saying as a result of our PR efforts and what they’re doing with our content creation. And that’s where Cision comes in.

It’s a really useful platform for keeping abreast of our clients’ media coverage in one place. It also helps us to compile media round-ups and keeps our clients informed about certain issues in the press.

It can also produce some pretty good analytics displayed as graphs and tables, which are a good way to share results visually with clients.

Press release distribution software

Cision PR Newswire

Press releases are one of the oldest but still the most effective PR tools to get your news out there.

Press release distribution services do exactly what they say on the tin! They are PR tools that enable you to distribute your press releases to a large target audience.

You can send press releases out automatically (through what we call the ‘newswires’ or ‘wires’ for short). You can also send press releases out manually via PR outreach tools.

With a press release distribution service like Cision PR Newswire, our public relations team can send targeted news updates and press releases, including visual press releases, to a multitude of media quickly and effectively.

Getting media exposure

Response Source

Response Source is like gold dust to PR teams and an invaluable PR tool for picking up media opportunities and securing amazing press coverage.

If you subscribe to the service, you’ll receive email requests from journalists actively asking for information, including targeted news updates, articles, case studies, interviews, product reviews and more. These requests come from journalists working for national, regional, trade and consumer media across broadcast, online and print.

How we use Response Source

Team AMBITIOUS uses Response Source on a daily basis, making sure we don’t miss any opportunities to get fantastic national, regional and trade media coverage for our clients.

It’s also great for expanding your media contacts, especially when it comes to keeping tabs on freelance journalists.

We also use it to keep track of what is high up on the news agenda – requests change throughout the day, so it’s a really good indication of what the hot topics are and what the media is most interested in.

Customer relationship marketing


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is widely used in sales and customer services. But its use is increasing in public relations.

PR CRM allows us to streamline our contact management, keeping track of and organising all our media relations contacts and interactions in one place.

Prowly’s CRM for PR is a really effective tool for ensuring we manage our media relations activities properly without having to constantly switch between different apps and wasting time trying to find or update contact information.

Online newsrooms

Prowly also offers an online newsroom which is a great way to provide journalists with a definitive source of our clients’ news.

We love the fact you can easily tailor the look of clients’ online newsrooms to match their brand identity, creating a virtual press office at the click of a button.

Digital marketing tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

It is a brilliant analytics tool providing statistics so that we can improve our clients’ search engine optimisation (SEO) and boost our PR efforts.

Google Analytics is a free tool that allows us to get valuable website visitor insights. It helps our team look at our clients’ top sources of user traffic, gauge the success of their PR strategy and campaigns, track goal completions (e.g. filling out enquiry forms), discover patterns and trends in user engagement and get demographic data.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a free and easy way for us to monitor the web for interesting new content. It allows us to customise mentions online and receive email updates for any alerts we’re tracking.


Visual content is the key to successful content development. Eye-catching images and attractive designs help our clients attract attention and improve social media engagement.

The great news is that you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer. Canva is a brilliant PR tool and a one-stop-shop for visuals, and what’s more, there is a free version!

Other PR tools

#journorequests hashtag on Twitter

We use the journo requests hashtag on Twitter for PR leads. Journalists are always using it when they’re on the lookout for a variety of contributors, and we can often pick up great contacts by keeping our eye on the ball for media enquiries.

Google Docs

Google Docs allow the team to create online documents in real-time and collaborate on them from any device.

They’re useful for writing press releases and articles, allowing the team and our clients to work together closely to create content.

We particularly like the ability to use comments, suggestions, and action items to keep client projects moving along and keep everyone in the loop.

Business events

In the offline world, business events represent a wonderful opportunity to interact face-to-face with journalists and build better relationships with them.

At Team AMBITIOUS we often keep a lookout for speaking engagements for our clients. They are a great way to establish and build credibility with journalists, customers and other important target audiences.

Your go-to PR tools

What is your favourite PR software? Which of our favourite PR tools do you use and rate – or are there others you use on a daily basis? Connect with us on Twitter @Ambitiouspr or email us at [email protected]