As a busy PR agency, we use a host of time saving gadgets. Use the right tools and apps and they can make your life a whole lot easier, helping you to find contacts and leads and save time spent on everyday tasks.

You name the task or problem, there’s a tool (or usually several) out there to help you. So, from Team AMBITIOUS here’s our round up the five key PR tools we use on a regular basis.


Hootsuite has been a game-changer with how I work. I’m able to manage and connect several social media accounts which allows me to schedule and plan cross-platform campaigns much more effectively. But it’s also brilliant for PR purposes. I can use it to track our clients’ connections and competitors all in one place as well as find influencers that may match with our clients’ brand values. I can also track what others are saying about our clients, and about the issues they care about. It also provides access to clear and concise management analytics, so you can track your clients’ social media performance.


I use the #journorequests hashtag on Twitter for PR leads. Journalists are always using it when they’re on the lookout for a variety of contributors, and I often pick a great contact


Media databases such as Gorkana are still one of the most helpful tools for PR, especially when working with a new client or project when media relations is as focus. It’s a great starting point for finding new contacts (including bloggers). Plus, you know that the data will be GDPR compliant.


Response Source is like gold dust to a PR. Journalists actively requesting information, pitches and interviews – hurray! I use it on a daily basis and it’s enabled me to secure some fantastic national and trade media coverage. It’s also great to help expand your contacts, especially when it comes to freelance journalists. I also use it for keeping track of what is high up on the news agenda – requests change throughout the day so it’s a great indication to what they are interested in most.


Cision Media Monitoring is a really useful platform for keeping abreast of clients’ media coverage in one place. It’s also great for compiling media round-ups for clients to keep them informed about certain issues in the press. And, it can produce some pretty good analytics displayed as graphs etc that are a good way to share results with clients.

Which of these tools do you use and rate – or are there others you use on a daily basis? Tell us in the comments below or connect with us on Twitter @Ambitiouspr.

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