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Thinking of starting a b2b podcast? Here’s 10 reasons why you should

Many b2b businesses are yet to understand the true potential of podcasting. What was previously considered as niche media, is now a mainstream channel with an average of 6.5 million Brits listening to podcasts weekly. There’s an array of reasons why launching a B2B podcast could be great for your content strategy! So, here are our top 10…

Capture audience attention

Unlike other types of content, podcasts do an incredible job of holding audience’s attention. Average daily podcast episodes last around 20/25 mins and weekly episodes 45/90mins. What’s interesting is that 80% of listeners actually complete listening to a podcast.

If you often find yourself trying to cut down and dilute your content to suit short-form platforms, imagine what you could do with a full 45 mins of your audience’s attention.

Easy to create

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need fancy recording equipment to create a podcast – unless you’re creating ASMR that is. A simple mic and quiet space will suffice. You could even use the built-in mic on your headphones for recording on the go!

As for editing, Alitu is a great paid-for software that makes it super easy to edit your B2B marketing podcasts, but if you’re looking for a free alternative, try Audacity or Garageband. The trickiest part should be coming up with your content.

Convenient for audience

As well as being fun and relatively straight forward for creators, podcasts are also highly convenient for listeners to access. With 65% of people listening on smart phone/tablet, 25% computers and 10% smart speakers, you can reach your audience whether they’re on the go or busy in the kitchen. Audio content is one of the few media that is hands-free, unlike social media where scrolling and attention are necessary for content consumption.

Despite there being over 1 million podcasts out there, the space isn’t as competitive as you’d think it would be.

Personal branding

Podcasts are ideal as part of an integrated profile-raising campaign when looking to establish or gain further engagement in your field. If you’re writing a lot, why not give people the opportunity to get to know you better with a podcast? If you’re speaking at different events already, it gives people the chance to learn more about you and your business. It’s also great at building a brand by creating interest in what you have to say. If you have aspirations of becoming a public speaker, podcasts are a great way to get yourself out there by gathering a following and increasing your profile to help secure those speaker slots. The key is to be confident, consistent, and useful. To find out more about how we help our clients with personal brand development, visit our pr services page.

Connect better with your audience

If we’ve learned anything from 2023, it’s that people crave authenticity. And voice is authentic.

Listening to a podcast can be quite a personal activity, people tend to listen when they are in private or using headphones. Despite the fact that thousands may have listened to your podcast, it will feel like you are speaking with them individually. This is a unique opportunity for brands to communicate with their audiences on an intimate level, building trust and brand credibility.

Reach a new and niche audience

Thanks to their huge range subjects and topics podcasts are niche. And, that attracts new audiences.

If you’ve been struggling to reach a more niche audience through traditional channels, creating a podcast might help you break through, whether you’re targeting key stakeholders in your industry or the next generation of talent.


As a result of audiences in search of new and relevant content, podcasting has also become a highly inclusive space.

From culture and campaigning to activism, religion, politics, gender, race and ethics, audiences enjoy the breadth and diversity of shows. These are created by an equally diverse range of hosts and presenters. The podcast landscape offers different perspectives on key trends and important topics that is only set to grow in popularity and reach.

Less competitive

Despite there being over 1 million podcasts out there, the space isn’t as competitive as you’d think it would be. The numbers speak for themselves: 70 million new blogs are posted on WordPress every month and 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute!

That’s not to say you have plenty of time before the market is saturated. If you are thinking of starting a b2b podcast, now is a good time.

Amplify your content further

If you know AMBITIOUS, then you might have already heard us say the following phrase: sweat your assets. Who says you can’t recycle content you already have to create your podcast?

Podcasts are a very effective type of content marketing, from offering a fresh real raw perspective to deep insight into popular topics such as entrepreneurship and modern society.

If you’ve got videos and blogs in your asset bank, why not repurpose them into a B2B podcast? The content is good? Maybe you just need to make it more accessible for your audience.

If in doubt, collaborate

There are already some amazing b2b podcasts out there. If you’re not ready to take the plunge yet and create your own, you could collaborate with an existing podcast. This might involve being a guest speaker or offering the topic of discussion for an episode. Either way, it should allow you to seamlessly inject your message or story into an existing conversation.