The importance of social media training for B2B teams

The way we work and conduct business has changed. No longer can we grow our professional networks by attending a few monthly networking events or inviting potential prospects for a face to face catch-up over a cuppa. Companies are investing in their teams with robust social media training programmes. This ensures employees understand the opportunity that social media can bring in a business environment. It’s valuable to help employees learn how to build and maintain valuable business relationships online.

It’s not surprising that last year LinkedIn usage increased significantly. But while the social media platform was reporting 31% increase in engagement, we witnessed a reluctance by some businesses to let their teams loose across social media. Concerns about employees managing the brand message online and staff feeling they lacked confidence using social channels for business were the main reasons companies cited.

The changing social media landscape

While social media can be an unpredictable landscape to navigate, with the right team training, support and guidelines in place it can help reach new audiences, deliver leads, amplify brand values and up-skill your team to help future-proof your business in a digital world.

Before you commit to any social media training, it’s important to outline business objectives so that everyone’s clear on why you’re doing this and what you hope to deliver. These objectives can be include improving the company’s share of voice in a specific industry sector to attracting new business through sharing team expertise to supporting a company-wide recruitment campaign by engaging new recruits.

Embracing social media in the workplace can create a cultural change and employees need to understand what’s expected of them and what support they can expect of the company. A social media policy should be in place before you start any training and be part of the social media training support given. HR and marketing communications need to be aligned on this. Be clear on how the company wants to be perceived to the outside world and how this impacts the individual member of staff when they are using their own social media channels for business. If you need guidance on putting a company social media policy together, our team can help.

Social media training

Here at AMBITIOUS our social media training programmes for businesses address three core areas to support social media engagement and growth:


There are some technical aspects to social media training. We address the important areas that are critical to getting the right information in the right places and on the right channels so that employee social channels are fit for purpose – from basic profile structure and images to setting options.

We also review what your potential clients or stakeholders are searching for on social media to ensure individual team profiles are maximised online. and all relevant information is included.


A lot of training providers will supply teams with the technical know-how, but we believe for staff to be successful at building engaged networks on social, the content is key.

As part of the training, we review the content and touch points that will give individuals confidence to strike up a conversation about industry trends, contact a potential prospect, and even become an active social media brand advocate. From quick wins, to full content plans, our content training ensures teams are equipped to have an active voice on social that is engaging, and authentic.

We can also produce content on your behalf – from articles, blogs and white-papers to videos and graphics.


While teams who actively publish content across their personal social channels can amplify company initiatives, it’s important to also ensure this content is seen by the right audiences.

We have developed an effective engagement formula to help company teams boost their social presence while growing a target audience and using social media to develop long lasting professional relationships.

Whether it’s for a team of two or 200, get in touch to find out how our bespoke social media training programmes can help your teams deliver business results in 2021.