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Social Media Week NYC Highlights

Catch All The Highlights From Social Media Week New York

Social Media Week NYC 2021 has just concluded, with dozens of industry experts discussing the latest trends in social media and how it affects brands. There’s a lot to learn from these industry leaders. We’ve kept a close eye on what they have to say. Take a look at a few of these highlights from Social Media Week NYC 2021:

Reality Check – What People (Really) Want From Your Business on Social Media

Hootsuite’s CEO, Tom Keiser, spoke about how important it is for brands to listen to their audience. People are looking for more ‘real’ dialogue on social platforms, and brands need to pivot to meet this shifting paradigm. The future of social media is all about listening, not leading, and successful brands will spend more time trying to understand their audience than selling to them.

The Reinvention of You – How to Grow in an Age of Data-Driven Storytelling

Rishad Tobaccowala, former Chief Growth Officer at Publicis, guided us through the techniques that brands need to know in order to thrive in a data-driven world. This fascinating talk focused on the 4 P’s; Perspective, Provocation, Point of View and Plan of Action. We’ve got plenty of ideas about how to harness machine learning and AI to boost our clients’ brands in the coming years.

The Hype Machine – Creating Engagement, Insight and Action in the Social Economy

MIT professor Sinan Aral explained the neuroscience of how social media works, and how you can measure ROI effectively using innovative techniques and tools. This deep dive into the mechanisms that drive social engagement illustrates why it’s such a powerful force in our lives. And why it can have such dramatic effects in the real world.

Building From Disruption – How Big and Small Brands are Shaping the Future

What gives a brand the power to cut through on social media? Jay Sethi, CMO at Diageo Beer, and Raashi Rosenberger of Next Insurance, talked about the ‘X factor’ that gives brands of any size the ability to make themselves heard online. Authenticity and social values are key for improving your brand’s social performance. They also talked about how important it is to be disciplined and consistent in your online communications.

The Great Reset – Building Meaningful Connections in a Disjointed Media Landscape

Today’s media landscape is a fast-evolving part of an ever-changing world. VICE Media’s Global CMO, Nadja Bellan-White, spoke about what brands can do to remain relevant, and what we can expect from the media landscape of tomorrow. Using her 25+ years of experience, Bellan-White highlighted that building lasting relationships never go out of style. We want our clients to focus on the meaningful interactions that develop these relationships.

The Future of the Creator Economy is in Personal Relationships

Cameo is at the forefront of the new ‘connection economy’, a facet of today’s more relationship-oriented social media environment. Steven Galanis, Cameo’s CEO, told us about the central role that personal relationships are playing in today’s online world, and how brands should be capitalising on this. When face-to-face is a luxury that most of the world has had to go without, personality and connectivity are the new gold standard for building online engagement.

Get all the insights from Social Media Week NYC 2021

These exciting events have given us a lot to think about. We’re busy looking at how the future of social media will change. Stay tuned for in-depth insights from all of these events, and how we expect these trends to affect our clients.

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