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Minding your social media: essential updates

It’s imperative to stay on top of social media updates. It’s no secret that social media is a large part of any good marketing strategy. Thanks to the smartphone, billions worldwide are now open to receive tailored and strategic advertising from businesses. Thanks to these platforms, companies are more accessible and in the loop than ever.

Social media and its promotional potential are always changing shape. The fast-paced online world is one that is constantly growing. Each month there are usually social media updates happening on each platform. Some are small while others make a significant impact. Here some recent updates to online platforms and how these affect their use for business.

Facebook and Instagram: getting shy and hiding the “like”

If all the world’s a stage, then the theatre is on Facebook. The thirst for likes has created what developers call a pressurised space. Motivations for engagement favour trendiness over authenticity. In May 2021, a feature was released to combat this practice. It is now an option for your posts to stop displaying the number of respondents.

By discouraging transactional giving and receiving “likes,” we could see a change in direction of the online world. Businesses would be free to create a more individual brand in line with their mission, without having to alter this representation in favour of conventions that foster online approval. Companies could also enjoy more meaningful engagement from their audience.

Although, social media would become a less valuable metric for growth. If likes became less important, would users engage with posts as much in a statistically useful way? How could businesses keep regular tabs on their ventures for success?

Clubhouse opens its doors to Android

Clubhouse was launched in April 2020 to take advantage of the rise of podcast popularity. It comprises unrecorded, real-time audio conversations almost like interactive radio shows. These are controlled by “moderators” who decide who gets to contribute to the discussion. The excitement around Clubhouse was bred on exclusivity. The platform was only available to users with invite links who used Apple phones. Invite-only content and not recorded increased FOMO; no one wants to be caught out-of-the-house.

This all changed on 21st May 2021, when developers finally released the app onto Android, allowing a wider user-base access to the platform. After a steady decline in downloads over the months before, the app’s Android debut helped to supercharge these figures.

Clubhouse offers a unique opportunity for speed-networking. Potential users still need professionally obtained access links. In an effort to keep the “growth measured,” Clubhouse’s developers have kept this measure to ensure quality control over its content. For companies with access, this gives them the chance to have real conversations with influential people.

This door-opening advantage to Clubhouse might not last for long. Twitter and Facebook have been planning on rolling out similar features in their apps, calling them Spaces and Hotline respectively. Time will tell if Clubhouse will continue to earn its place on our screens if these alternatives prove to be popular.

Storytime with Linkedin

Linkedin is the platform for networking, attracting clients, recruitment, and the latest news in the professional world.

In February 2020, Linkedin began trialling a stories feature similar to the one founded on Snapchat. Stories can be found across most social media sites, in the form of temporary status updates. Users can take on-the-spot photos or videos, and upload them for a short time online (often 24 hours).

Linkedin has recently made this available to users worldwide. Businesses now have the ability to post authentic and timely updates on the platform.

Former Linkedin director Pete Davies described stories on other platforms as a “lightweight” way to post updates. He hopes this release will help companies capture and showcase those moments between business.

It could be that Linkedin Stories deviate from the site’s professional standing. It could make companies seem unpolished and less serious than they should be. But, they do go a long way in terms of transparency. Those moments in between business (meeting someone for lunch or maybe on the road) are experiences we all recognise. This helps to develop a live personality for the business – a killer move from the perspective of a client.

Social media updates

Social media platforms are constantly updating and changing as new tech, trends, and how we engage with the platform change. Using social media for business purposes really can make an impact to your reputation, website traffic, and customer service.

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