September Marketing Campaigns Inspirations

September has been a busy old month. We’ve seen events from every sector starting to return and marketing campaigns galore. Our team frequently gets ideas from marketing campaigns they’ve seen; here are a few of their favourites from September:


This September the long-anticipated Met Gala returned to the Upper East Side. You don’t need to be a fan of fashion to know the ongoings of the event though. With all the elite in attendance, it dominates mainstream media in the proceeding and post-event weeks. From worst to best-dressed edits on Instagram to Twitter threads on the political statements made by guests, there was practically a full social media takeover of Met Gala content!

One theme that was in discussion a lot this year was the attendance of influencers, and whether or not they deserved to be at such a high-profile event meant for fashion enthusiasts. Despite the controversy, I think it’s great that social media stars were invited. It shows the industry that there are new A-listers on the block, and they should be taken seriously. Just two of the attendees in the discussion, Addison Rae (TikToker) and Emma Chamberlain (YouTuber), have a combined social media presence of over 95.6 million followers! It begs the question, who is more influential to today’s society than influencers themselves?


There has been a campaign on LinkedIn recently called “This Little Girl is Me” where Lavinia Thanapathy, leader of Inspiring Girls Network, created a post to inspire the younger generation of women. The post sparked a flurry of women on the platform to share their own stories of hardships and challenges they’ve overcome to be where they are today. It’s truly inspiring to see so many strong women’s stories, where they’ve come from, and the journey that’s helped get them where they are. This marketing campaign started off as a small post to detail one woman’s challenges and became a trending campaign that thousands have taken part in.

Here is a powerful example:


McDonalds has announced that it will be phasing out fossil-fuel-based plastics from its Happy Meals in the coming years. The move will see the introduction of 3D paper figures and other toys made of recycled plastic or plant-derived material. This is inspiring as a huge company such as McDonalds taking this step will hopefully encourage others to do the same to do their bit for the environment. It’s a great marketing campaign as the topic is relevant and could introduce new customers who could have been sceptical about the companies environmental footprint.


This advert for MNTN is great, it includes a satirical take on Ryan Reynold’s success as a face actor.

It explains how their marketing platform for adverts work by explaining to Ryan how each of the adverts he created is performing. The one without him in it worked better and he plays off of that really well. It keeps you engaged while also being really informative and useful.

This gives me the inspiration that although there is a Hollywood star in this advert, it didn’t feel solely around him and I learned a lot about the company from their simple conversation.



My inspiration this month has been the latest artwork by Bristol-based artist Luke Jerram, called ‘In Memoriam’. It’s a series of flags on college green in memorial to Covid 19 losses.

It’s so simple, but there is something so literal and effective about the use of bedsheets that makes it really hit home. Pieces like this remind me that sometimes less is more to create an impact and capture people’s attention, especially for an important issue such as this one.


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It’s so interesting to read the different marketing campaigns that were given by the team that has inspired them this month, we can’t wait to see how they take this forward into their work for the next month. In the meantime,  take a look at the work done by the team and get in touch to see what we can do for you [email protected].