As a business founded by females, we are super excited to be launching a new client PR campaign which is all about getting more women into sectors where they are underrepresented and promoting women in consultancy.

The Procorre 100 campaign is being spearheaded by Bristol-based CEO Anne O’Donnell and will see the management consultancy sign-up 100 women into its network in the next 100 days.

Procorre provides consultancy services to organisations across the globe in sectors including IT Data and Analytics, Medical Devices, Change Management and Cyber Security and would like to work with more female consultants who specialise in these areas.

In Anne’s own words; “We wanted to put a stake in the ground. Women have so much to offer the consultancy industry and yet they are underrepresented despite the financial benefits and flexibility it offers.

“I’m working hard to try to change that within our company and the wider industry and I hope this new initiative will be a driving force in helping us to achieve that objective. Businesses like ours have an obligation to make sure female representation is strengthened in order to pave the way for the future.”

About the PR campaign

The Procorre 100 campaign will be promoted via the company’s online presence, including its social media channels, through the business press and directly to its clients and consultants via its own employees. Already, interest on and offline has been high with titles such as Business Leader also lending support by writing about the campaign.

The Procorre 100 initiative comes hot on the heels of Anne’s contribution to the Vote 100 anniversary book ‘Voice & Vote’ earlier this year. The book celebrated 100 years of women being given the right to vote.

One of just a handful of South West based business leaders profiled in the book, team AMBITIOUS spent the day in Westminster for the launch and came away feeling inspired and encouraged by the commemorations. Here’s what we had to say about the Vote 100 initiative. 

If you want to sign-up or find out more, or know someone who might, then visit the Procorre 100 page where you’ll find a video introducing the campaign by Anne O’Donnell and hear from some of the women who are supporting the initiative. Or follow #Procorre100 on Twitter.

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