“I would highly recommend AMBITIOUS for your publicity and marketing needs. Right from our initial engagement, they quickly gained our confidence, quickly understanding our needs and providing options to help us. The advice and support that they provided was quick and positive, providing actionable opportunities for us to improve.”

Managing Consultant, Optima Systems Consultancy


Communications strategy, Earned media relations, Content creation, Event management

Optima Systems Consultancy was founded to provide independent systems thinking and consultancy to the defence, aerospace, nuclear and utilities sectors.

In early 2022, the brief given to AMBITIOUS was to support Optima and their internal communications lead with the organisation and support of their 10-year anniversary celebrations.

This project was to have three components:

  • Organise and support a 10-year celebration event to be attended by senior management, staff and clients
  • Produce a long-form video (90secs – 2mins) and a set of social media shorts to communicate the journey of Optima over the past decade, company culture, future plans, and their work within the local community and the engineering sectors
  • Press release to be drafted and placed with local South West media and key trade press

Due to the nature of the brief having different strands of activity, the target audience for each also varied slightly.

For the event itself, it was very much targeted toward an internal audience of staff and clients. This was done by creating an event that would appeal to invitees, both in terms of the venue itself and the set-up, but also the agenda for the night.

As for the videos, these were created as a tool to communicate to staff, current and future clients, as well as potential new recruits, the journey of Optima over the past ten years, and where the business was headed for the next decade.

Following initial conversations with the Optima team to identify what they were looking to achieve as part of this project, we recommended the 10-year celebration event that would help to bring together staff, clients and prospects.

This event would then be supported by a selection of videos from current members of staff, to discuss how the business has grown since its inception, the culture within the business, and its work within the wider community. This video would act as a showcase for Optima, allowing everyone from current employees, potential new recruits and client base to understand more about Optima as a business.

Once it was established that videos would be produced as part of this project, we worked with Optima to create a production plan from start to finish on how these videos should look and sound, and what the topics and questions should be.

As part of this production plan, we provided:

  • Examples of good corporate videos to be used as a style guide
  • Core topics to be covered in each video
  • Identified Optima employees to be included in the videos
  • Individual questions for each topic and spokesperson
  • Editing of all videos

As part of this overall project, AMBITIOUS generated and created:

  • 1 x full-length video
  • 4 x social media short videos
  • 1 x press release announcing Optima’s growth and 10th Anniversary generating regional media coverage

We continue to work with Optima on a new project.