“Deciding to launch a global-minded brand from the South West of England was always going to present various challenges in terms of communications. Working with AMBITIOUS is an exciting and educational experience, utilising their know-how and vision for getting our launch noticed by both domestic and international audiences. They helped us identify media opportunities and potential business partnership avenues that we would’ve missed without having them on board. Ambitious helped us achieve what we set out to do for introducing our business to the world.”

Morgan Cummins, Co-Founder, CEO, HOUNDWORTHY


Media & Blogger Relations


Based in the South West, HOUNDWORTHY is a unique dog lifestyle company on a simple mission: Encourage dog lovers to seek out more meaningful experiences for both themselves and their canine companions

Founded by creative entrepreneurs Morgan Cummins and Jo Holdaway after being inspired by adventures with their own dogs, HOUNDWORTHY offers a progressive mix of premium outerwear, accessories, and lifestyle goods for the modern dog owner.

Sniff them out here: http://www.houndworthy.com @houndworthy and http://instagram.com/houndworthy

Business founders Jo and Morgan knew they had created something quite unique with HOUNDWORTHY. What they asked AMBITIOUS to do was help them introduce it to the world.

Understanding Jo and Morgan’s meticulous attention to detail in developing the brand’s identity, our PR and communications activity needed to build on this and develop their compelling story for media channels – why they created HOUNDWORTHY and its ambitions to take a share of a multi billion pound global market.

AMBITIOUS helped HOUNDWORTHY to get noticed amongst discerning dog owners and those in search of high quality, well designed lifestyle products – raising the profile of the brand to a UK and increasingly international audience through engaging bloggers, social media platforms and design-led magazine titles and publications and national press.

Exclusive events such as the Best of Britannia Exhibition in Clerkenwell and the popular Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia also played a key part of the marketing communications in engaging both consumers and potential partners.

Emotive imagery and creative content of shared experiences, feelings and ideas of how life with dogs is rewarding plays a big part in telling the HOUNDWORTHY story. And social media efforts using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter platforms help the brand create an ever-growing fan base and initiate conversations about HOUNDWORTHY’s products and escapades.

An ambitious start-up enterprise making its mark on the media landscape regionally, nationally and beyond, HOUNDWORTHY featured in key titles including Elle Decoration, the FT’s How to Spend It, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, along with a host of respected blogs covering lifestyle, fashion and dog ownership in the UK and beyond.

By generating thoughtful, timely content and spreading the HOUNDWORTHY buzz to the media and blogger community PR and communications effort saw sales increasing significantly month on month.