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“I love the obvious enthusiasm and passion from the team. They feel very united and always give a sense of loving their roles and AMBITIOUS. It’s great to work with a bunch of happy people who are driven to deliver the best results for your business.”
Group Marketing Director, Healix


Communications strategy, Earned media relations, Content creation

Healix works with multi-national corporations, NGOs, and governments worldwide to provide 24/7 healthcare, medical, security and travel assistance. The company exists to mitigate risks and safeguard the wellbeing of people globally, helping organisations meet and exceed duty of care to employees and their families.

Through PR, Healix has made good inroads into driving awareness in the trade and business risk media.​ However, they were not getting sufficient cut through into more mainstream channels, such as business publications, HR publications or national news titles.​

There was a need for a new approach to drive brand awareness in a market dominated by big brand competitors, taking Healix beyond its current sphere of influence to reach prospects, decision-makers and influencers.​

AMBITIOUS’ role is to keep up the traction achieved through a BAU press office, complementing it with a series of viable campaigns to cut through the noise and take Healix to new audiences through a new approach to PR.

Healix’s key customer audiences are made up of:​

  • Insurance market professionals​
  • C-Suite within business where the worker population travel​
  • HR Directors and others with a responsibility of duty of care for their employees
  • Their sweet spot is mid-sized businesses without their own in-house team to cover risk
  • Travel, risk and security managers

They are sector agnostic. But current clients fall into some defined groups:​

  • Government Departments ​
  • Financial & Professional Services ​
  • Tech ​
  • Manufacturing ​
  • Construction ​
  • NGOs ​
  • Media ​
  • Higher Education

When looking at how categories of risk like natural disasters, geopolitics, mass protests and riots, LGBTQI+ and business travel were covered in traditional media, AMBITIOUS identified that they were being covered from the perspective of what they meant for consumers. There was a gap in the landscape for B2B-focused insight and advice.

To ensure we had genuine insight to share, we chose to capitalise on the profile of Healix’s annual Risk Outlook report. We achieved this by utilising both Healix’s insights and analysis, as well as quantitative third-party research conducted by Censuswide.

The research looked at the concerns of 500 risk managers and senior security managers across eight different sectors including Construction, Energy & Mining, Higher Education and more, asking them about their current risk strategies and practices, and where they perceive the biggest challenges to be.

From analysing the data, we unearthed multiple data-led stories including our headline story around the rise of extreme weather as the biggest concern of businesses. We used this to create a suite of compelling media pitches, and pieces of content – driving top tier coverage in national titles and beyond, including coverage in the Financial Times’ sustainability-focused title, Sustainable Views, top tier HR publications, HR Director and HR Magazine, ITIJ, Strategic Risk, Business Travel Magazine and more.