“It has been a pleasure to work with the AMBITIOUS team.
Thank you for all your assistance in our HCA UK Decommissioning & Transformation project.”

Erica Samba-Ngoie, Digital Content Lead & Scrum Master


Content Creation and Copywriting


About HCA Healthcare UK

HCA Healthcare UK are a group of world-class, award-winning private hospitals, specialist clinics, outpatients and diagnostics centres and private GP services operating across London and Manchester. Their flagship hospitals include London Bridge Hospital, The Portland Hospital, The Christie Private Care and The Harley Street Clinic.

As well as providing advanced, high-quality care to patients in these environments, HCA also partner with leading NHS Trusts.

The challenge

Implementing a decommissioning and transformation project is a significant undertaking for any organisation. The process involves deleting, archiving and migrating large volumes of data, in the case of HCA thousands of pages of content.

HCA had reached capacity within their in-house team and needed a trusted and experienced partner to their in-house content team – delivering high quality clinical-level copywriting quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

Due to the scale and pace of the copywriting project, HCA also needed a team competent in using GatherContent, a platform that helps to organise, structure and manage the production of content at scale.

The solution

Working closely with the Digital Services Unit and Scrum Master/Digital Content Lead, AMBITIOUS formed a dedicated copywriting team of six which included highly experienced medical and healthcare copywriters, an editor in charge and a project manager tasked with delivering the work on time and to budget.

AMBITIOUS has significant experience in content creation, particularly copywriting for clients operating in highly regulated sectors. And, in particular copywriting for websites. These skills were put to good use during this project.

Working remotely, away from HCA’s London headquarters, the AMBITIOUS team delivered:

  • Working with clinicians and HCA’s marketing, content and SEO teams
  • Writing over 200 pages of medical, healthcare website copy
  • Delivering the project through GatherContent
  • Project reporting and budget management

The results

The AMBITIOUS team delivered hundreds of pages of content to support HCA UK Decommissioning & Transformation project – on time, to budget and to a high standard.

The quality of our work received high levels of praise from both clinical (consultants) and digital content and marketing teams.