Cherry Innovative Investments
“Cherry enjoys working with AMBITIOUS and the name rings true but does not reflect the high level of innovation, care and professionalism that they bring to our team.”

Charles Tedstone, Chief Investment Officer, Cherry Management Ltd


Strategy & Counsel


Cherry Innovative Investments is a company dedicated to promoting change and growth in challenging sectors. AMBITIOUS was appointed to provide public relations and community management support for the launch of CoBuy and Cherry Investment solutions.

CoBuy is home ownership reinvented, it helps people get onto the property ladder by half buying and half renting their property. Cherry Capital is a unique investment which tracks the UK House Price Index allowing people to invest in the UK property market – which is the UK’s most valuable asset class – and benefit from its growth, without owning property.

AMBITIOUS came on board when Cherry Innovative Investments was a funded start-up with limited internal resource and no marketing activity to date. We worked directly with the Board of Directors helping them identify and employ a partner agency that specialise in brand creation. We then worked in partnership with the brand agency to create a road map of services needed to bring CoBuy and Cherry brand to market.

We conceptualised the product, defined the key messaging and prepared an integrated marketing communications strategy in preparation for launch.

A core part of the strategy is stakeholder engagement to ensure that by the time of launch opinion formers are educated about these new and innovative developments in the housing market. As housing is a contentious sector, a key focus is issues and crisis preparedness through research and preparation of an extensive internal Q&A and a day of intensive media training with ex BBC News journalists.

A PR, social and marketing toolkit is prepared and ready to activate. We look forward to launching CoBuy and Cherry in 2019.