Personal Branding - Building The Profile Of A City CEO
“Take the time to create a strong personal brand and you will become a source of trusted information for your customers and your stakeholders.”

Sarah Woodhouse, Director, AMBITIOUS


Thought Leadership

Client Background

AMBITIOUS was introduced to a high-profile City CEO by a previous client. The client had been slowly building their personal brand online through LinkedIn with the posting of regular articles but after starting a new role was struggling to find time to maintain what they had begun.

The client works in wealth management which is a saturated area for the provision of advice and so we constantly need to find new angles on evergreen subjects. The client has numerous audiences to reach including employees, peers, clients and intermediaries so articles needed to resonate with most -if not all- audiences. To make this relationship work we are self-starters and we don’t rely on being spoon fed by the client. At the beginning of the relationship, we worked quickly to build internal connections in order to allow us to stay on the pulse of what’s happening within the organiation. We also keep track of what the client is involved in externally at conferences and events so that their LinkedIn reflects the dynamism and energy of their working life.

We planned out content to ensure a good balance of advice led tips, industry trends, employer brand and subjects that appeal to the high net worth target audience. To improve awareness and engagement of the client’s articles we have undertaken the following changes:

  • We changed the regular day and time of posting to a time when usage of LinkedIn is stronger
  • Positioned many articles as interviews to benefit from tagging and tapping into the network of well-connected people we were conversing with on behalf of the client
  • Sought out actionable headlines that were intriguing without falling into clickbait e.g. ‘How to…’ ‘Why you can…’ or Three ways to….’
  • Tapped into current affairs and the news agenda to make content as relevant, timely and topical as possible
  • Led as many articles as possible with a human-interest angle and made content as personable and relatable as possible
  • Introduced trending sector hashtags to help harvest new audiences and connections
  • Posted as an update as well as an article to encourage engagement
  • Used industry-related keyword in the article title to help with reach.

Reach, engagement and shares are increasing month on month. The client is securing more connections and the conversations happening around the articles online are generating business profile and opportunities.