“Our work with Bud is a great example of where earned media/PR can lead an integrated marketing campaign, driving the value out of proprietary research through thought leadership before owned, shared and paid reinforce the message.”

Sarah Woodhouse, Director, AMBITIOUS PR


Message and Story Development, Research Analysis, Content Development, Media Relations, Planning, Strategy & Counsel and Measurement


Bud Systems is an end to end training management platform designed to transform the way that vocational and professional training is delivered and to maximise the training performance and outcomes for all learners.

It works with the country’s leading independent training providers, colleges and universities and employers. Everything these audiences need to manage training delivery is provided by Bud; from programme development to enrolment, funding management to reporting and compliance.

Wanting to build the future value of the business by creating a digital footprint, AMBITIOUS was brought on board to boost credibility and engagement for Bud in the training and education industry but also to broaden awareness further in business, finance and HR titles to engage new customers.

AMBITIOUS was asked to design a strategy around two campaigns in Q4 2020; handling the strategy, management, content and earned media relations for both.

The first was to launch a piece of industry research that Bud had commissioned in conjunction with the AELP, the Association of Employment and Learning Providers.  The second was to announce it’s new platform enhancements meaning that users could manage more than one form of training on the same platform, a key development for training providers and colleges especially.

Working with the marketing lead at Bud Systems, AMBITIOUS’ approach was to develop a content and media engagement strategy by addressing current industry challenges; the need to deliver remote learning en masse during lockdown and the need to ensure compliance and management of funds following the Government’s introduction of new work-based and adult training schemes to help tackle unemployment.

AMBITIOUS developed an integrated communications plan that incorporated both announcements with key dates for engaging the media. Following a review of the body of research commissioned by Bud among the AELP’s membership base, AMBITIOUS set to work developing the editorial headlines and content themes, aligning them to Bud’s brand messages and product offering.

To cut through the noise of competitors and independent industry experts discussing solutions to remote learning, we needed to ensure that Bud’s news story grabbed attention and cut straight to the heart of the problem. The news announcement of the research was quickly followed up with a thought leadership campaign on the topic of managing learners and ensuring the best outcomes throughout any scenario, even a global pandemic. Careful positioning of Bud Systems and its brand values ensured it’s message was heard in an experienced and authoritative way.

Building on this programme, AMBITIOUS also launched its new platform enhancements for all vocational and professional training – a key milestone for the business – securing earned media coverage and editorial features in education, training and business press.

Bud System’s campaign delivery included:

  • Analysis of research and story development
  • Content strategy
  • Outsourced PR and earned media relations expertise
  • Creating awareness and a credible industry voice
  • Successfully launching new platform enhancements
  • Press office activity to identify relevant forward features for Bud to contribute to
  • Reporting and measurement

Quality earned media coverage was secured and achieved in Bud’s tier one education and training titles including TES, FE News, Training Journal, Bdaily, Employer News and also securing an interview with South West Business Insider as part of a remote learning feature.

Bud welcomed the support that AMBITIOUS provided from the understanding of its objectives and senior consultancy to delivering quality content that matched its brand values, knowledge of its tier one media and the proactive and strategic approach to media relations.

AMBITIOUS has generated brand awareness for Bud in its target media, building editorial relationships that will benefit the business as it continues its growth strategy.