PR & social media industry trends

Our top PR & social media industry trends

A lot has changed since January, so we thought it was time to refresh ourselves on what is trending in our industry at the moment. Izzy, our Junior Content Executive, has spent the last few weeks reading industry news and listening to talks to find out what’s hot and what’s not.

In this blog, she highlights her top three PR and social media industry trends. Over to you Izzy …


One trend that cropped up in many 2020 trend reports was voice – including voice search, popularity of podcasts, and more recently, voice tweets!

Last month, Twitter announced they would be rolling out a new feature that allows users to record and attach audio clips to their tweets. While composing a tweet, users will be able to record up to 140 seconds of audio, to be posted alongside (or instead of) the usual 280 text characters. Twitter said that they hope the feature will create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers alike.

Twitter aren’t the only ones introducing voice related features, LinkedIn have upgraded its user profiles with the option to record audio clips that lets others know how to pronounce your name. While it’s not a creative feature, it will certainly remove the awkwardness of mispronouncing the name of a business contact!

Voice is definitely a more personal way of communicating with your audience, but my big question is how will brands utilise the feature? Whose voices will they amplify – their CEO’s, brand ambassadors or someone entirely different? And, how will they make it accessible and a valuable user experience for deaf and hard of hearing users?

Good news

With all the doom and gloom headlines about the COVID pandemic and lack of fresh content due to lockdown, the demand for uplifting news stories has skyrocketed. People want to hear good news!

Our agency has definitely noticed a pattern of journalists wanting more feel-good stories, from independent platforms like the Good News Movement to major news organisations such as Huffpost.

So, if you’re trying to secure earned coverage for your business, try developing and sharing a positive angle. Media is now moving to stories that will inspire a bit of optimism for their audience!

The everyday influencer

There has been a real shift in what people believe is important in lockdown and we’re able to question what it means to be someone with influence.

Just type ‘Captain’ into google and the first suggestion to pop up isn’t Captain America or Captain Jack Sparrow – it’s Captain Tom!

2020 has opened the door to a new type of influencer, the everyday influencer, your local hero. They might be a key worker or community leader; they will have normal jobs and certainly won’t get offered free trips to the Maldives by big brands, but they are trusted and relatable.

An example of what’s to come? We’ll be keeping a close eye on this to understand how this impacts on the role of the influential CEO and business leader.


If you have any thoughts on the trends we’ve explored, let us know in the comments below, or connect with us on twitter @Ambitiouspr. We’d love to hear what you think!