october marketing inspirations

Our October Marketing Inspirations

October has come and gone as quickly as the other months this year, thus starting the countdown to Christmas! Before you get into the festive spirit, take a look back at what marketing campaigns and initiatives caught the team’s eye this month…


Co-op has seized a great opportunity to get involved with the upcoming COP26 summit, having recently joined the #CountUsIn scheme to reduce carbon pollution and launching their own scheme to recycle soft plastics at their stores. So, it seemed perfect to announce that they would be temporarily changing their name to “Co-op26”. This was across all their social channels and some of their shops. It’s a clever and creative idea to take advantage of not only a topical event, but it also perfectly lining up with Co-op’s new green agenda. As COP26 guides global leaders on how to accelerate change, the store is hoping to do the same with their customers on a local scale.



On the 4th of October, Facebook, along with Instagram and Whatsapp, was down for more than six hours in a major outage. People reacted as any sane social media user would do in such a crisis. They flooded the remaining social media channels in full meltdown mode. Coping mechanism: memes.

Luckily for Twitter who were unaffected by the issue, they welcomed the huge influx of new and returning users with welcome arms.

This prompted every brand and their subsequent social media managers to poke fun at Facebook.

My favourite brand reactions were from: Alexa, Clarks, Microsoft Teams and McDonald’s.


The Heinz “tomato blood” ketchup for Halloween is clever, eyecatching, and relevant for the time of year. When I saw the advert I definitely wanted some for my Halloween treat chips!



Hard to look past the return of the Queen of British music, Adele, this month. To tease the release of her new album ’30’ the number was projected onto landmarks across the globe. This was ahead of the launch of her new single, which went on to be streamed on YouTube 12 million times in the first 7 hours of release.


As a new EV owner, I’m inspired by how the fuel shortage has driven (pardon the pun) the adoption of EV vehicles. Especially with the rising popularity and increasing wealth of brands such as Tesla. At the end of September Google searches for electric vehicles jumped to a record level of 60% (electric bike orders also rising to 25%).  I worry that without more infrastructure it could stall the adoption. They are being introduced to help the environment but if it is too busy at the charging points then it goes against the principle. It’s interesting this has almost scared people into the research of EV’s, rather than to actually contribute to the environment.


This month, it is clear that the team’s October marketing inspirations have been led by topical content. These advertisements have shown how companies have taken advantage of the timely opportunities. From Halloween-inspired products to a historical social media meltdown. These have shown the team some useful tips on what can be done to showcase your brand. Even in a crisis (looking at you Twitter!) Take a look at our Digital PR services and drop us an email at [email protected] to see what we can do!