November Marketing Campaigns

It’s December, so it’s officially Christmas! However, the team has already been getting in the Christmas spirit thanks to some amazing November marketing campaigns. Take a look at a few of our favourites…


My favourite November campaign is this Christmas advert by T-Mobile:

The advert depicts the relationship of a young boy and his grandad who live far away from each other but keep in contact via online interactions between them during the year, until the moment when they finally see one another again on Christmas Day.

This advert caught my eye as you think that the little boy is wanting a big present just for himself, but the twist at the end that it was so he could reach his grandfather for a hug was a wonderful and emotional ending. Very impactful.


The campaign that caught my attention this November was Specsavers’ with Dom Joly. I think it’s great as it plays on his old role in Trigger Happy TV as the man with a giant phone.

This company does tongue-in-cheek so well on social and their adverts, with the classic line we all know, “should’ve gone to Specsavers”.

Also, I think it appeals to me in particular as a specs wearer!


The Posten Christmas ad is a great campaign:

Posten is the Norwegian postal service and it’s been 50 years since homosexuality was decriminalized in the country.

It’s a really moving story and got a huge amount of traffic on social media, garnering internal attention.


For me, it’s the Lidl Christmas jumper launch…

Lidl has always been great on social media – self-deprecating, relatable, and genuinely funny. This is typified by their tongue-in-cheek, unashamedly garish, Lidl branded Christmas jumper. Supermarket swag at its best. It’s a bit of fun that makes for some great social media content. And, what’s even better, is that on a serious note these will almost certainly sell out getting their brand out there at the most important time of the year for supermarkets.


I think this is genius from Gym Shark, you can read below the logistics of the campaign that didn’t involve a lot of money or fancy ads, yet still captured so many people’s attenti0ns with huge celebrities.

Gym Shark has become notable for simple but effective marketing such as renaming themselves Home Shark during the pandemic. Their methods have taught me that sometimes less is more!

This is a great mix of November marketing campaigns from the team. We get like to get inspiration from these campaigns, check out our content creation services or get in touch today to see how to make your campaigns stand out.