National Apprenticeship Week – Izzy’s journey

We recently took part in Digital Cities Bristol, a national event hosted by the BBC that’s currently touring the UK. We were invited to talk to attendees about ‘How to get your dream job’. And, Lis and Izzy took the opportunity to talk about apprenticeships as a route into PR agency life in support of National Apprenticeship Week this week.

Post event we caught up with Izzy, our very own apprentice turned Junior Content Executive. We wanted to pick her brains about what it takes to find an apprenticeship in the creative industries, her experience and what advice she can offer to those looking to take their first steps … Over to you Izzy:

What skills do you think are the most important when looking for an apprenticeship in the creative industries?

Having practical skills can be a real benefit, compared to more academic qualifications. That’s also what an apprenticeship really offers.

Now that there’s more accessibility to learning, with online courses and YouTube tutorials, there really is no excuse for not investing in yourself and gaining basic practical skills relevant for the job you want. For example, in a social media role, you might be required to have experience in photography and photoshop so take the opportunity to learn for yourself.

How did you find your time as an apprentice?

My experience as an apprentice has been career defining. Being involved in coming up with ideas for clients and seeing them come to life is so exciting and means that every day is different. If I wasn’t in this job, I’d still be creating things, so getting paid to do just that is a dream come true.

Although it seemed daunting in the beginning, finishing full time education and starting my first ‘proper’ job, choosing an apprenticeship was the right decision after all, because I’ve learned so many invaluable skills from the team at AMBITIOUS and through my college sessions.

It’s also worth remembering that as an apprentice you will be treated the same as an employee. This includes being paid a salary, receiving employee benefits and holiday entitlement.

What advice would you offer people considering an apprenticeship?

If I could offer some advice for people considering an apprenticeship in the creative industries, it would be to just do it. Get an apprenticeship.

Now that I’ve had a year on the job, I realise that I wasn’t doing half as much as I could have been doing to get myself ahead. I’d never attended any networking events or spent half a day familiarising myself with the new social platform that’s on the rise, but as an apprentice, I would do these activities regularly. It’s not that I was lazy before, I just didn’t know that I should have been doing these things, so I’d always recommend that you continue to push yourself further.

We’re very lucky that there are so many events held in Bristol which can help you learn a new skill or grow your network, so spend time finding the right ones for you.

Interested in a career in taking or starting an apprenticeship? Head over to the Government’s  Find an Apprenticeship website as a starting point to see what’s type of roles are available.