We always value getting a different perspective on things. So, having played host to Harriet for work experience this week, we wanted to share her first ever blog about her visit to Team AMBITIOUS

My work experience with AMBITIOUS PR … blog by Harriet

I decided to spend my work experience with AMBITIOUS due to my interests in social media and marketing – how there is such a range in the things you can do or be involved in. So I wanted to find out more about working in a PR agency.

On my first day, I met the team, who were all kind and extremely friendly. I felt at ease almost instantly.

I was given a few tasks to complete throughout the day such as research into the company itself, clients who they were working with and how companies use social media to promote their work and how they could improve their use of platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to share their efforts. I didn’t expect to be given relevant jobs, but they treated me as another member of the team and helped me if I ever needed anything.

The following day, I continued to work on numerous projects in the morning then we travelled to Origin workspace (a client of AMBITIOUS and a new concept to me) to attend the team meeting to review the work completed in the past few months.

We were all briefed on what was going on with certain clients before we discussed AMBITIOUS’ values and other matters such as plans for the future and staff benefits – where many of the team added enthusiastically that weekly team breakfasts from Deliveroo should be added!

We then went out for a delicious lunch and it became obvious to me the team at AMBITIOUS is like a family where everyone gets along well and respects each other.

In the afternoon, I then got to go out around Bristol with Izzy, AMBITIOUS’ Content Apprentice. Our task was to collect photos for the agency’s image bank which could later be used in social media campaigns or their website. It was great. The weather was beautiful and Izzy helped me learn about the uses of the camera and gave me a tour of the centre of Bristol!

For the rest of the week, I pursued my assignments got chance to talk with several members of their team about how they decided PR was the career for them and how they became a part of the AMBITIOUS team. It was very informative and has made me consider PR as an option for my future!

I’m extremely grateful to all those at AMBITIOUS for allowing me to become a member of such an admirable team for the week and would like to thank them for their advice regarding my future career. I definitely chose the best place to complete my work experience!

Thanks Harriet. We enjoyed your company too. Good luck with your studies and keep us posted!