A photo of the BCI X Babassa Interns

My first month as an AMBITIOUS intern

Written by Inaz Hussain, Junior PR and Content Executive at AMBITIOUS.

I am currently interning at AMBITIOUS as part of the Bristol Creative Industries (BCI) X Babbasa Internship Programme. This first month has flown by! Before starting, I knew little about PR agencies but was eager to learn. My brief past experience in a small office left a lasting impression.

My first week was incredibly eventful as I wrapped up prior commitments before starting this new chapter. The warm welcome from the team immediately put me at ease. AMBITIOUS is a fun and lively space with a lot going on.

I started by learning about some of our clients and dove into a variety of projects doing tasks such as video, photography, data gathering, contacting people with press release information and more. In between that time, I’ve met and chatted with the team about what their roles are and the type of work they do. I’ve also attended events, networking with clients and expanding my professional connections.

One of my main highlights of the month was witnessing a balloon flight in Ashton Court with The Grand Appeal. I’d never had a chance to see a balloon flight from preparation to lift off, so it was a cool opportunity to watch it from the ground. Fingers crossed I’ll be in one of them soon!

There is so much knowledge and expertise to tap into here. I’m constantly learning and asking questions, grateful for the team’s supportive and generous sharing of insights. Tackling new tasks outside my comfort zone has been challenging but rewarding, allowing me to develop new skills.

The support I’ve received so far has been amazing. This experience is teaching me a lot about myself, highlighting areas for growth and helping me identify my strengths. I’ve learned the importance of seeking help, being honest about my knowledge gaps, and communicating my needs to help the agency. As a result, my confidence has grown, and I’m proud of the work I’ve accomplished.

This internship has been a life-changing experience, allowing me to apply my existing skills while acquiring new ones. I look forward to what the following months will hold. Thank you to BCI, Babbasa and AMBITIOUS for the opportunity!