May Marketing Inspiration

With the new financial year in full swing, marketers are bringing out the big guns with their campaigns. Here are some of our favourite picks that have crossed our path in May.

Liam & Katy

Coco Cola’s move towards easier recycling

“My PR/marketing inspo’ for this month is the announcement that Coca Cola will soon be launching attached caps across its entire drinks range in an effort to boost recycling and prevent litter.

“The move by Coca-Cola Great Britain,  is said to be a first for a major soft drinks company and aims to make it easier for consumers to recycle the entire package.

“A great move by Coca Cola to make recycling as easy for the consumer as possible.” – Liam

But what does our ESG comms guru, Katy Barney, have to say about this campaign?

“The move by Coca-Cola Great Britain, which is in fact the result of the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive, is said to be a first for a major soft drinks company. […]

“This is obviously a step in the right direction, but it would be great to see a big company such as Coca-Cola also use their influence to actively promote reusable options or encourage changes to recycling infrastructure to ensure that more Coca-Cola bottles are recycled.”


Love Island ‘dumps’ fast fashion.

“This month’s announcement that Love Island would be teaming up with eBay UK to kit out the islanders in preloved clothing for the upcoming season has got to be a highlight for me!

“Last year’s contestant Brett Staniland recently revealed that he was offered “duffel bags full of free clothes” from the show’s sponsor and was shocked to see so many clothes worn once and then discarded.

“Ditching their usual fast fashion sponsor sends a real message that ITV are committed to using its influence to inspire sustainable consumption habits and as a viewer of the show, I can really see how this move will encourage a shift in mindset for young people!”


A ‘smashing’ insurance campaign.

“Another OOH (out of home) and reactive (to travel opening up) campaign is stopping people in their scrolls. As a telecom company in Ecuador, Movistar, roll out its offer of roaming with screen insurance.

“From a casual distance, the phones look like irreparable smashed screens, a day ruiner. On closer inspection, you can see details such as buildings, and side streets. Paris, Berlin and Tokyo were rolled out first with more cities planning to be launched throughout the year.

“The copy accompanying the beautiful disasters reads – “No matter where it happens, we’ll replace it.” and “New roaming with screen insurance.” alongside the Movistar logo.

“The brief was to raise awareness of the new roaming with screen insurance, a unique service […] in Ecuador,” says Andrés Redrován, creative director of Publicis Ecuador. “[We first,] defined the target as men and women, […] We saw satellite maps of world cities from a different perspective [and] shattered smartphone screens. We merged both ideas into simple and intuitive executions.”


Busting Jargon with Barclays

“I’m a couple of months late in seeing this one but Barclays touches on a very important issue for first-time homeowners. A language barrier. Much like many of the important things in life, we are not taught about mortgages or bridging loans in school. Barclays positions itself as a transparent, friendly bank and the one to trust by giving you those answers and highlighting the use of jargon confusing many.

“Financial wellbeing is hugely topical, both in the corporate world and for consumers against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis.

“Think Barclays highlights the issue well here, straightforward, and relatable.”


“Butterkist, popcorn, did a campaign around Wagatha Christie which caught my eye.

“As well as Zendaya‘s ad for square space, which played on the childhood favourite ‘she sells seashells on the sea shore’ tongue twister.”


Guinness’ latest triumph

Guinness has leaned into one of their mighty strengths for their latest campaign. The globally recognisable appearance of its pint.

“They have released their latest OOH (out of home) campaign which ‘aims to put pubs at the heart of British summer’. Creating their signature dark stout body and bright white foam top from summer-sea-side objects. Photographed by Catherine Hyland.

“To be able to evoke a cool, refreshing, ice-cold pint of Guinness without even showing it is proof that it is one of the most recognizable and iconic beer brands in the world,”  Ricardo Porto and Victor Bustani were quoted by The Drum. Creatives at AMV BBDO.