We work with some really inspirational people and have recently had the pleasure of helping the team at Inclusive Media Solutions.

Innovators in the assistive technology sector, Inclusive Media Solutions’ video and mobile based products help people with learning disabilities to live independently, at the same time as reducing the hours of support required from care organisations, resulting in significant cost savings.

Inclusive Media Solutions is a Bristol-based social enterprise, sponsored by The SetSquared Partnership, that provides innovative products and expert advice to promote inclusion through the use of mobile technology across any smart device.

Inclusive works with a wide range of organisations and individuals including Councils, education providers, care homes, charities, NHS, businesses, along with parents and carers and their mission is simple – to improve the independence of people living with learning disabilities across the whole of the UK. A worthwhile quest and one that they are making great strides towards achieving.

But could their innovative technology for people living with learning disabilities be of help to others?

Thanks to a recent appearance on BBC One’s documentary The ‘Truth About Dementia’ where retired GP Dr Jennifer Bute was filmed using and discussing the benefits of Inclusive Media Solutions’ EasyVideo – ‘How to’ videos and their application for people with dementia – an opportunity to highlight the products benefits for those living with dementia presented itself.

AMBITIOUS were on hand to help maximise the TV opportunity across social media channels and work to engage influencers.

The company is now in the process of developing its innovative EasyVideo to help people with dementia and we are looking forward to working with them on the next stage of their exciting journey.

To find out more about Inclusive Media Solutions and their EasyVideo service, contact 0117 205 0654 or find them at