Marketing Inspirations for the team this August

As the summer draws to a close, with a sense of normality returning to daily life, we look forward to the Autumn and Winter campaigns to come and the chance of more in-persons events. Until then, we thought we’d share with you our teams’ marketing inspirations from the last month…


PG tips have launched an ‘English Breakwoof’ tea, especially for dogs. Most people are intrigued by humanised products for pets such as ‘pupsecco’ and it’s no coincidence it was announced days before International Dogs Day (26th August). It’s a catch tagline for publications featuring it: 

I just love campaigns that are topical and eyecatching like this, it definitely makes me want to click on the link and maybe even purchase some tea for my own pup. If that’s not marketing inspiration, I don’t know what is!


Like a lot of the British public, I spent the last 3 months of my life tuning in to Love Island at 9pm every night. The ITV2 show had many visible partnerships this year with brands like Boots and ISAWITFIRST, but one stood out to me and that was Tinder’s ‘Swipe Island’.

When the series began in June, Tinder revealed that a handful of ex islanders would be joining the dating app at special intervals throughout the summer. When Swipe Island is open, users are encouraged to open the app, visit the Island and crack on with the ex islanders for a limited time only.

The campaign drummed up excitement for the show and got the Love Island audience using the app during ad breaks.


Organisations all around the world have launched a campaign which is being called the “biggest ever human rights movement”  towards the world’s 1.2 billion disabled people. The campaign called WeThe15, named so because 15% of the world’s population are disabled, aims to end discrimination and improve their lives. This is obviously a very relevant time to address this as the Tokyo Paralympics commence. Viewers’ awareness is being drawn to additional challenges of the athletes involved, sparking discussions online and raising the profile of the campaign.



Mattel has created a collection of Barbies called ‘covid heroes’, this includes Professor Sarah Gilbert, a British scientist who designed the Oxford coronavirus vaccine (see below). I think this is an incredibly inspiring marketing campaign, as it is on one hand a great talking point for everyone, and brings attention to ‘unsung heroes’, but it could also promote new career choices for young ones. Especially in the field of science, where historically there has been less female representation.


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I don’t think anyone could’ve missed the newly iconic Tiffany and Co’s marketing campaign as they try to appeal to a wider audience. They’ve enlisted Beyonce and Jay-Z with artwork by Jean-Michel Basquiet for the campaign:


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Beyonce wears the priceless Tiffany diamond as only the fourth person wears that diamond, which has been reset in a more contemporary chain. The shoot takes inspiration from Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast at Tiffany’s, wearing the same dress and positioning of the jewels.

Tiffany aims to appeal to broader audiences and using Beyonce and Jay-Z will certainly bring more eyes on them. The campaign has been widely discussed and shared across social media, with millions of views.


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As you can see, August has inspired the team in many different ways. From newsjacking opportunities to using an existing platform for good, we’re ready and raring to go for September! We love what we do and how content from all over can influence our industry.

Let us know your favourite!

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