Marketing campaigns that have inspired the team this July

August is here and with it hopefully some promising weather, stay-cays, and more great PR and marketing campaigns!

July has been a great month for innovative campaigns, without a doubt. Our team was inspired, scoring amazing work with tier-one titles and broadcast outlets in July.

Take a look at the campaigns that stood out for our team:


My July inspiration comes from ‘The Working Dead’,  a new video call service allowing organisers to arrange for a Zombie to appear for the first 30 minutes of your video call.

This is a service to bring to light the launch of all ten seasons of The Walking Dead to Disney +, a great way to capture people’s attention.

It follows research that 84% of British workers admit to feeling “dead tired” and fatigued by video conference calls. The launch saw local councillor, and lockdown video conference call icon, Jackie Weaver, dressed up in full ‘Walking Dead’ style prosthetics. Genius!




I’m really loving Ryanair’s TikTok account as of late, they are one of the only big brands I’ve seen that are getting the platform right and really nailing the Gen Z audience.

What I think is so difficult for most brands wanting to do TikTok, is that it’s largely unfiltered and authentic content. The weirdest and unexplainable things go viral, and that’s a part of the allure. If users wanted polished content, they’d go to Instagram or LinkedIn. Social media managers and marketing people are taught to plan content and be consistent, but if you want to feature on the FYP (for you page) on TikTok, that won’t work. You need to be on the platform and constantly listening to what is trending to cash in on the hype.

Ryanair has done an incredible job of finding ways of incorporating the Ryanair brand into viral TikTok trends, which is already challenging enough as an airline, and actually making it funny and relatable. If you’re wondering if TikTok clout holds any value outside of the platform, just take a look at some of the comments on their videos.



Cheetos, rapper Bad Bunny, and Adidas are teaming up to create a “fashion ecommerce experience” with a twist.

To access a certain part of the website, you need to eat some Cheetos to get the dust on your fingers. Then you can get early access, but only if you’re one of the first 100 people on site.

It’s gross but brilliant.



Not a marketing campaign as such, but a huge leap in the sports industry and inspiration for women everywhere. FIFA 22 adds Alex Scott as the series’ first English-speaking female commentator.

Great to have a female role model in a sport (football and gaming) when women are so often underrepresented.


I think this is a really poignant advertising campaign. Not only is it visually very clever, but it was also sent out at a very relevant time of people getting back into the pubs. It also details at the end how Guinness has contributed £30 million in support of pubs. If you’re a Guinness fan like me, it definitely gives you the notion for one and in my eyes, job well done with a marketing campaign!




Not a direct marketing campaign, but a great example of how celebrities are getting behind certain issues and furthering agendas.

The Norweigan women’s handball team was fined €1,500 for “improper clothing” after choosing to wear shorts instead of bikini bottoms. This has sparked a worldwide debate on sexism and the sexualisation of women athletes. Pinks’ tweet puts the issue on an even bigger platform and showcases the need for change.

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July has been full to the brim with amazing marketing campaigns! We’ve even included ones that haven’t been direct marketing campaigns but have been news stories promoting very significant issues and aiming to create a change. This is also a part of what we do and is clear how they all have been significant inspirations for our team this month and through to the next.

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