March Marketing Inspirations

We have marched our way into April where there are lighter evenings and a sprinkling of sunshine, even if it is still slightly nippy! For now, let’s warm up those minds with some March marketing inspirations from the team:


This month my marketing inspiration comes from Asia, specifically Singapore and from Tiger Beer. Following the easing of some Covid restrictions due to falling cases (a reason to celebrate in itself), it was announced that alcohol could once again be consumed after 10:30pm. To celebrate, Tiger offered a free beer for everyone between 10:30 and 10:31pm to mark the occasion! Those who want a claim their tasty beverage simply have to show bar staff in participating bars one of the #It’sTigerTime social media posts.


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This whole campaign has been etched in my mind. The clever way Tesco is combining their supermarket status with their mobile network stance is genius. It is eyecatching and a “have to look twice” to make sure it does actually does say what it does. It is also effective as we are all noticing prices going up and most of the phrases they’re using are what we’re thinking (maybe less food-related words). I think it is a really amazing campaign that entices people to switch mobile providers.


I think we can all agree that Ryan Reynolds is a great advertisement in himself for Wrexham FC, and this advert on RR’s personal LinkedIn proves just that.


I love that Innocent shared this “bosses make mistakes too” post because it’s fun and engaging. It was a post that everyone was talking about and went viral. There were no gimmicks or flashy imagery, just a relatable and funny situation. It brings us to the side of the brand; they’re joking with us and it’s a moment for us to enjoy.


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I love Specsaver’s many different marketing campaigns. They’re memorable and because of this, they’re probably the first opticians you would think of to go to. We use the “should’ve gone to Specsavers” phrase in everyday life so if that’s not inspiring to be permanently in the back of people’s heads, I don’t know what is! There is a great billboard in Bristol that has been pasted the wrong way up which really caught people’s attention. This is their new advert which makes light of a poor delivery driver’s mistake of climbing up the stairs only for it to be the wrong building. It’s lighthearted, funny, and inspiring.

These are some great March marketing inspirations from the team! We really enjoy discussing lots of different viral campaigns and marketing inspo. They give us great ideas for our content creation and for helping our clients. Check out some of the work we do and get in contact today!