LinkedIn for business


With over 467 million members worldwide there’s no doubt LinkedIn is a popular social media platform. But as a business owner, is LinkedIn good for business and why should you be using it for PR communications.

Fear not. Help is at hand with AMBITIOUS’ reasons why LinkedIn for business should be a part of your marketing communications activity:

  • It’s cost-effectiveLinkedIn is relatively inexpensive. In fact, setting up your personal page and company page is free. So for businesses looking to get a good return on investment, it offers great value
  • Expand your shop windowLinkedIn increases your digital footprint. Essentially giving your business more profile, enabling you to showcase products and services, skills, client experience and expertise
  • Google likes it – being on LinkedIn helps you to get found more easily with online search. Google ranks both personal pages and company pages highly. In a world where we check almost everything and everyone on Google LinkedIn pages can help
  • Share your news with people who want to listenLinkedIn builds connections with people who want to connect and engage with you. This means that when you’re sharing news and views, you’re doing that with an audience who’s interested in what you do and what you say. It’s certainly a platform to build B2B fan base
  • Nifty tools – with the basics in place (your personal page and your company page) it’s worth getting to know more about all that LinkedIn offers. Its business tools and features can help you better connect with businesses and decision makers and include Sales Navigator, Recruiter, Pulse, Inmail, and Recommendations
  • Listen and learn – don’t forget that in addition to building valuable connections and sharing your content with target audiences, LinkedIn can offer you and your business access to great thought leadership and industry insight
  • Say cheese! – First impressions really do count and it’s important to combine appropriate words and pictures as part of your profile. There are some shockers out there, so please think about images you are using to promote yourself and your business

Using LinkedIn for your business or brand needn’t be daunting and it’s certainly something we at AMBITIOUS help our clients with, along with social media marketing. We offer:

    • LinkedIn training – bespoke sessions, one to one or team training. Including Sales Navigator support for sales and account management teams and specialist consultancy for sales teams looking to grow sales though social selling
  • Messaging & Positioning – helping you get on track with the right key messages, tone of voice and imagery
  • Content Planning – developing a content strategy and a month-by-month schedule of content ideas, topics and themes
  • Content Creation – creating and copywriting content from concept to being published including thought leadership articles, case studies, blogs,

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