July Marketing Inspiration

July has again brought us our yearly dose of British sunshine. Reminding us annually that we should probably invest in aircon and a new pair of sandals; only to be in jumpers again next week.

Accompanying our political drama, we have had an array of giggle-worthy reactive campaigns to the departure of Boris Johnson from number 10. Many marketing teams begin to plan for Christmas as 2022 passes the halfway mark and we charge towards 2023.

Let’s take a look at what current campaigns have caught the AMBITIOUS team’s eye.


The Marketing Practice has recently announced it has rebranded, representing the latest milestone in the Group’s ambition to create a world-beating growth platform for B2B clients globally. The rebrand also coincides with the launch of an extensive out-of-house advertising campaign, including everything from bus shelter and tube station takeovers, to podcast ads.

The objective of The Marketing Practice’s new branding is to be distinctive, playful and fun, with the aim of making people smile.


Championing creatives, campaign

As someone who initially struggled to find a gateway into the creative industries as an inexperienced 17-year-old, I am always supportive of the brands and businesses that are making strides in getting young and underrepresented people into the industry.

So, I was more than pleased to see that John Lewis is partnering with Create Not Hate to work with young creatives on a campaign that will diversify the ‘Made in the UK’ slogan.

The initiative saw 100 young people participate in a series of workshops to explore the ways in which the meaning of ‘British’ has evolved and to use those thoughts to create a campaign that reflects the multiculturalism of the UK today. Four participants were then chosen to take part in paid placements at the John Lewis Partnership HQ, where they’ll work within their creative and design teams to develop the winning ideas.

As well as giving the young creatives involved valuable, real-life experience in the industry, the initiative will surely result in a thoughtful, authentic, and inclusive campaign. I really look forward to seeing the results later this year, I’m predicting an award is to be won!”


A whopper of a reaction

There is nothing I love more than a simple, yet perfectly formed comms campaign, PR stunt, advert…and I have to say, Burger King has nailed this one.

Following the news that Boris was stepping down as PM in the wake of yet another PR calamity, the fast-food giant was quick to react by getting an ad truck to drive slowly past Downing Street simply reading “Turns out there is a thing as too many Whoppers”. A masterstroke in connecting current affairs to brand!


Record-breaking, ‘golden egg’ of festival campaigns

EE has continued to level up in its partnership with the Glastonbury festival by providing useful tools at the event and connecting to customers. In the age of social sharing and smartphones, a special event or holiday isn’t complete without a good connection – to tell everyone that you’re having a much better weekend than them.

Helping to develop the Glastonbury app, downloaded 193,000 times, EE made sure to provide service for everyone there regardless of their network provider.

Over 182 terabytes of data were used during Glasto’s five days – a 76% increase on the record set by EE in 2019 (which works out to viewing 7.2 billion Instagram posts).

Keeping on brand with the sustainable festival on Worthy Farm, EE created their connection booster in the shape of a rooster. The booster also kept attendees of the Glastonbury festival up to date with Pyramid stage set times.

‘Perched’ inside the coop was a golden egg that fans could snap and share (on Insta) with the hashtag #EEWiFiRooster for the chance to win huge prizes. Bringing the interactions with the brand beyond those attending the festival.

A great memorable, interactive and actually useful experiential campaign from EE.


To promote the latest series of Resident Evil, Netflix has deployed a billboard in central NYC where a giant, 3D ‘licker’ appears to quite literally break out of its shackles, terrifying and delighting commuters in equal measure.

This campaign has received a good deal of coverage and rightly so.  While this tech isn’t new, it’s been used to great effect. The location and timing were bang on and footage of the board has now gone viral….brilliant creativity and execution.”