Maria Abshir’s intern experience at AMBITIOUS

My internship at AMBITIOUS PR

Despite my initial nerves about interning for a PR agency (as someone without any prior experience in PR), I had a smooth introduction into the world of PR, and an even smoother transition into office work in general, and it was all thanks to the wonderful team at AMBITIOUS PR.

From the day I started, I was showered with support from the entire AMBITIOUS team, and all of the nerves I felt about interning with them disappeared. An emphasis was put on my growth and development early on, and I was guided through the process of every project I assisted in. I never felt like my questions were stupid, or that I couldn’t ask for help. I was even coached on how to improve my internet presence, and I was provided an audit to optimise my LinkedIn profile even after my time with AMBITIOUS had ended.

I couldn’t have received a better welcome.

I grew in confidence and became more self-assured with each week, and working with people so dedicated to their areas of expertise meant that I became more inspired and motivated to give every task my all. Having one-to-one’s with everyone on the team gave me insight into the potential steps I could take, and assisting in different ongoing projects helped me identify my strengths and the responsibilities I wanted to take on professionally in the future.

The four weeks I spent interning with AMBITIOUS PR was transformative, and my approach to PR, and the professional world as a whole, has drastically changed for the better. I was clearly growing in skill and confidence under the mentorship of a team whose love for PR meant they were truly ambitious in their approach to their work. I have been extremely lucky to have interned with them, and look forward to using the skills I have developed during my time with them in the future.

Find out more about Maria Abshir. If you’re interested in an intern position with AMBITIOUS, drop us a line at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!