Inspiring marketing and PR campaigns 2021

The first five months of 2021 have seen some inspiring marketing and PR campaigns to keep their audiences engaged online. We have spent a year with the screens as a primary source of entertainment and a hub of knowledge.

Now that we are easing back into normality – out to the shops, pubs, and entertainment venues – it is a prime opportunity to step up marketing and PR campaigns in 2021, and don’t forget to include events.

With all this in mind, we wanted to share our team’s favourite marketing campaigns from April.


Mine is the evolution of cancel culture. Last week, many Basecamp employees quit when the CEO asked them to stop discussing societal and political matters on company internal channels like Slack. Supposedly because they are distracted from the company’s core work.

Businesses have been challenged to be the change and support political and social movements but what’s the right way to give everyone a platform to be heard and how do you do this without moving away from your core purpose? I’m interested in the ramifications for corporate PR and internal communications.



On the day of hospitality opening again in mid-April, Tesco took out whole page adverts across UK print media urging people to not shop with them but to head to their local pub or restaurant and support the hospitality industry.

An expertly judged and timed advert that captured the mood of the nation perfectly.


For me, it’s John Lewis’s reaction on social media to Boris’s flat refurb debacle. Really clever use of playing the anti-hero.

Twitter has been a powerful tool for marketing in the pandemic. It’s a quick way to grab attention and direct the audience towards your business. It has worked especially well when companies have taken advantage of current events, which John Lewis has definitely done here:

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Mine is the recent footballers & clubs boycotting social media in mass protest over racist abuse. It has grown and grown with support from other sports and sports stars alike.


Take a look at more.



Mine is “Google’s Earth Day” on Google Doodle, which got a lot of attention.

It was very emotive and visually explained why we plant trees, e.g. for the next generation. The doodle created discussions on social media too. This is also a very good example of using a huge platform to showcase an important issue: reach more people, start discussions, and raise awareness through a tool so many use today.


What campaigns will capture our attention in May?

These are a great mix of favourite marketing campaigns from the team! They are all used in different ways on different platforms to garner attention for businesses, important issues, and current events.

Great inspirations for the work we do, check it out!