How to work your assets for a property marketing campaign

You’ve created a great hero piece of content for your latest property marketing campaign, and now is the time to make it work. Hero content is an activity that has impact; it makes a bang when it goes out. People sit up and notice your property marketing campaign. This type of content takes time and resources to plan and create, but it’s worth it.

What is hero content?

It’s big content such as:

  • a report
  • piece of research
  • video
  • long-form article
  • animation
  • white paper

Base the content on a keyword or research from your SEO or content audits. Ideally, your hero content should answer or address a common search query while exposing your brand to as many people as possible. 

This content cuts through busy newsfeeds and gets eyes on you. So, you want to wow people and nudge them towards becoming customers with excellent content. 

It’s worth investing to get it absolutely right. Consider how the content can be reproduced in different ways for different channels. A ten-minute video won’t work on social media, but thirty seconds would. Equally, posting a white paper on LinkedIn won’t get much traction, but quotes and statistics from it will capture attention. 

Choose your channels when developing content and plan how you can distribute it effectively.

A property campaign with impact

Once you’ve developed the hero content, create a holistic campaign across your channels, which uses to engage as many people as possible. 

Consider using the PESO model to ensure your campaign reaches the right people in the right places at the right time. 

PESO stands for 

  • P is for paid – the advertising that you pay for. Traditionally, this would have been TV, radio and print media ads. Nowadays, a typical strategy uses social media ads, advertorials, Google Adword campaigns, retargeting strategies and native ads (the kind that look natural on the platform where they appear).
  • E is for earned – the mainstay of traditional PR, and an area we have a strong focus on here at AMBITIOUS, earned media refers to third party endorsements. This might include online reviews, blogger and influencer relations, media mentions in newspapers, magazines and websites, link building and broadcast interviews. It’s the coverage that you don’t pay for, but that you have to work hard to get – hence why it’s called ‘earned’.
  • S is for shared – shared media is often referred to as social media too, but there’s a wider context at play here. Much of the sharing is on social platforms, but consider partner networks that can be harnessed too. Partnerships, charity links and influencer engagement all play a part in ensuring those shares spread with meaning.
  • O is for owned – this means all the content that is owned by you, and that you have full control over. Owned media includes your company website, blogs, newsletters, reports and white papers and audio and video content. It doesn’t include social content. 

Your next steps

Creating an impactful campaign will drive ROI and brand awareness. We can help you plan and execute a campaign that gets you the results you deserve. 

Book in a call with our experts to plan your next property marketing campaign [email protected]. Check out the results we’ve created for others. We can do the same for you.