inbound marketing for healthcare

How to use inbound marketing for healthcare

Make inbound marketing part of your strategy to help your healthcare business grow. Inbound marketing is an extremely effective method of customer acquisition and retention. Customers – better known as patients, carers and families – will research healthcare providers for advice and guidance, such as symptom or procedure pages if they have a personal concern. They will also review your online reputation for reviews and positive or negative news before they make any sort of decision. The information they find out about providers online will influence their final purchasing decision. 

What is inbound marketing for healthcare?

Inbound marketing grows your business by creating relationships with your customers and prospects. This is achieved through providing useful and relevant content to the audiences you want to attract. 

Attract: find your audiences, start conversations with them, establish yourself as a trusted source of information and industry expert.

Engage: give your audiences solutions to their queries, help their pain points and help them achieve their goals 

Delight: support and help your customers so that they feel their decision will be and is successful. And, ultimately go beyond their expectations.


Happy customers spread the word, and they will become part of your ongoing marketing. 

How can it help my healthcare business?

Use inbound marketing to attract your target audiences with great content including advice pages, blog posts, and valuable information shared across social media. Examples of good inbound marketing for healthcare content include:

  • Symptom pages to help patients navigate their way through personal health concerns 
  • Advice and top tips on making healthy living choices
  • Guides to your services and how to access them 
  • Testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Blog posts helping explain particular services or giving answers to popular queries
  • Social media content
  • Offers / promotions

These types of content will resonate with healthcare audiences as they seek answers to their queries and assurances about the services or products available. 

Adopt an SEO strategy to target keywords and ensure your content will be found. 

How to use keywords in healthcare marketing

Google is the most used search engine in the UK and it has very specific algorithms to help people find answers to their queries. Most people turn to a search engine when they are looking for answers or solutions and will type in a word or phrase to get started. Using a phrase of three or four words will bring up better results on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

These phrases are known as keywords. Use keywords to create content so you are providing solutions and answers your customers are looking for, such as symptom pages. This will help your content to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) as Google recognises you are providing solutions. The link will be ranked higher as more people click on your content.

Choose keywords carefully to ensure they reflect your brand but also answer people’s search queries. Using a tool such as SEMRush or Google Keyword Planner can help you plan out the best keywords. 

Pick your keywords carefully. Look for keywords that have low competition and high search volumes. 

Bringing your customers onboard

Combining keywords to help your search engine optimisation (SEO) with a great PR strategy is a powerful move. Your SEO optimised content is a great resource, so share with the world to make a greater impact. Share across social media to place the content and URLs in front of your target audience. 

Your audiences want to talk to you and so provide them with messaging that will resonate. The core messages about your brand and products or services are really important to get right. Emotions are a large part of decision-making, so content needs to ensure they feel seen and heard. Use this messaging across your website and in content so that customers can understand your brand right from the start. 

The next step is managing your reputation. Your target audiences are looking for a healthcare provider they can trust, and even if your company is considered a leader now, that can change in the future. Positioning your company as a trustworthy organisation takes time and work, but will pay dividends. Make sure you think about all areas of brand reputation including your services, staff and reputation with suppliers and wider community. 

Placing content in key places will ensure that your authority and knowledge are constantly seen. It builds trust in your company as your target audience 

Inbound marketing for healthcare in action

Client background

At AMBITIOUS we work across the healthcare sector, from NHS Trusts, private healthcare companies and care home providers to healthtech and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  

One of our clients is a global healthcare provider, running a group of world-class, award-winning private hospitals, specialist clinics, outpatients and diagnostics centres, and private GP services. They have flagship hospitals in London and the north.

As well as providing advanced, high-quality care to patients in these environments, the company also partners with leading NHS Trusts.

Client requirements

Implementing a decommissioning and transformation project is a significant undertaking for any organisation. The process involves deleting, archiving and migrating large volumes of data, in the case of the client thousands of pages of content.

The client had reached capacity within their in-house team and needed a trusted and experienced partner to their in-house content team – delivering high-quality clinical-level copywriting quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

The client also needed a team competent in using GatherContent, which is a platform that helps to organise, structure, and manage the production of content at scale. 

Our delivery

Working closely with the Digital Services Unit and Scrum Master and the Digital Content Lead, AMBITIOUS put in place a dedicated content / copywriting team of six which included highly experienced medical and healthcare copywriters, an editor in charge and a project manager tasked with delivering the work on time and to budget.

AMBITIOUS has significant experience in content creation and particularly copywriting for clients operating in highly regulated sectors. And, in particular, copywriting for websites. These skills were put to good use throughout the project.

Working remotely, away from the client’s headquarters, the AMBITIOUS team delivered:

  • Working with clinicians and the client’s marketing, content, and SEO teams
  • Writing over 300 pages of medical, healthcare website copy
  • Delivering the project through GatherContent
  • Project reporting and budget management

The AMBITIOUS team delivered hundreds of pages of content to support the client’s decommissioning and digital transformation project – on time, to budget, and to a high standard.

The quality of our work received high levels of praise from both clinical (consultants) and digital content and marketing teams. 

How you can start using inbound marketing for healthcare

Book your no-obligation free consultation with us and see how you can use inbound marketing for your business. 

Drop us a line at for more information. 


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