How to do social media marketing that stands out

With so much content on social media channels from businesses and brands of all sizes, it’s more important than ever to create content that cuts through and engages with your audience. But how? How can you create content that stands out in an overcrowded arena and not only reaches but resonates with and impacts the people you’re trying to target?

Well, thanks to Noisy Little Monkey’s session at last year’s SMW Bristol, we have some great advice and top tips on how to do social media marketing that stands out in a crowd. Thought we’d share in this PR blog:

  1. Make your social media content attention grabbing

The first thing your social media content needs to do is generate attention – it needs to catch the eye of your audience and make them stop and look, read or watch. You could do this by making content relatable, funny, interactive, sexy, disgusting or moving. Ultimately, it needs to create a reaction and some form of emotion towards it be it laughter, intrigue or empathy.

  1. Generate engagement on your social channels

You don’t just want to get attention from your audience, you want them to engage with your content as well. To achieve this, you need to know your audience and their interests. Build up personas for your target demographic or customer and make sure content is relevant to them. Here’s how you could make content engaging:

  • Give it meaning – can you tap into your audience’s pain points, offer them tips in your area of expertise or tell them a story with your content?
  • Encourage sharing – competitions and offers are still highly effective for social content but create a sense of urgency with a short lead time to enter
  • Cause conflict – polls that drive conversation or conflict, or content that disrupts the norm will drive engagement
  • Show the call to action – content that offers a simple click through to an offer or purchase point will encourage instant action
  1. Measure the success of your social media content

It is vital to monitor the success of your social media content, otherwise there is no way of knowing what your audience is engaging with and what is just tumbleweed. Here’s how you can assess your success:

  • Collect data – keep track of follower numbers, likes, comments, shares, amount of UGC and click throughs to your website from social
  • Calculate your advocacy and awareness – this could be calculated based on the engagement percentage (actions / audience) or amplification percentage (shares / audience)
  • Consider how real-world events affect your engagement levels
  • Use trends to benefit from conversations happening on social media platforms
  • Keep a record of top performing posts / content so you can refer back

If you need help making your posts stand out, or support in creating a social media strategy, get in touch with our team.

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  1. Kavita Podar
    Kavita Podar says:

    I just came across your blog post and must say that it’s a great piece of information that you have shared.
    Social media can indeed boost the business revenue in a way that no other channel of marketing can &
    Hence must be used to the fullest of its potential. Wonderful blog post!


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