How to determine what type of professional SEO services your business needs

In our experience, there’s usually two main reasons why businesses seek professional SEO help.

1) They’ve tried to do SEO themselves and turn to experts for support in frustration of not seeing results.

2) They’re taking the plunge for the first time to grow brand awareness online and stay ahead of competition.

In this blog, we’re outlining how to get the most out of your SEO, the business metrics to consider, and the importance of an integrated approach when using professional SEO services.

SEO in marketing

Before starting your search for expert services, list the business objectives you’d like an SEO professional to help with. This will allow you to determine whether you need off-page SEO support or a technical SEO professional to improve performance.

Here are a few business metrics that are commonly associated with both types of SEO professionals which will help you to understand the type of support your business might need to deliver results.

Off-page SEO activity covers actions taken away from your website that will increase your rank position in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This includes activities such as securing backlinks and being promoted by other websites and platforms of note. Your reputation matters.

It’s important to question the business objectives that need to be delivered e.g. if you get 15 back-links to your website and they reduce the average time users spend on your site, would you still classify this a success?

A lot of off-page SEO experts can be found at PR agencies offering digital PR services. Communications professionals are experienced in navigating the media landscape while being able to implement strategies to help build a brand reputation online.

PR-led SEO

In the current landscape of SEO, PR-led SEO campaigns are gaining traction as businesses are finding quality content on high domain authority sites get the best results. Quality content is at the heart of success as you must prove expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness with Google. Professional SEO services will help you get the results you deserve.

Here at AMBITIOUS when we plan PR campaigns to deliver off-page SEO results, we look beyond a link or a mention, we look at factors like whether organic brand searches increase due to your company being featured across multiple trusted third-party platforms. We also assess whether the content we are distributing is reaching the right audiences. This could be measured as referral traffic, an increase in time spent on the site, or even engagement metrics like social shares or downloads of your content. Just like links, these are also important ranking metrics and should be included as part of the overall campaign success measurement.

SEO support

If you need off-page SEO support, get in touch with our team to find out how we use PR to deliver SEO results.

If you’re happy with how your brand is being positioned online but feel your website could be working a lot harder, then you might need technical SEO support.

Before hiring a technical SEO expert, it’s worthwhile getting a website technical SEO audit done which will deliver recommendations for improvements.

As part of the technical SEO audit, you should also dedicate time to reviewing the quality of content on your website. If results show thin content pages, where copy is no more than a few hundred words, or content gaps i.e., high volume of visitors leaving a web page before taking a desired action, a professional copywriting service might be needed before technically optimising the website.

SEO copywriting

If you’re taking the route of improving content on your website, ensure your content team is well integrated with other departments.

A customer service department will be able to share valuable insights with content teams, like the best customer feedback, most frequently asked questions, and buying behaviours. Golden nuggets of information like these will provide extra content ideas for your website. In turn, these will improve conversion rates as it is content your customers will already be looking for.

To take it even further, if one of your business objectives is to be known in a particular industry or to position your product in front of a new audience, you should look for a SEO professional to run a new keyword research project which will need a robust content plan to support it.

If you are a  company that’s growing quickly, then investing in a keyword research project is recommended. You will have an outline of the search terms customer are using to find your product/service, the search terms your competitors are using that you might be missing, and the search terms that might unlock further business development discussions.

Speak to our team about how we can help find the search terms to position your brand in front of your core audiences.

Whether you’re looking to boost off-page or onsite SEO performance, it’s worth noting that SEO is a long-term investment and results might not be visible straight away (yes, even the quick wins take time to deliver results).