How does legal PR fit into the marketing mix?

How does legal PR fit into the marketing mix?

The role of PR can be incredibly impactful to the success of law firms and lawyers. PR can build credibility, foster trust, create strong public perception and even establish a new generation of thought leaders.

However, for your legal PR strategy to be successful, you need to integrate PR into the marketing matrix. There are many advantages to doing so. However, many firms have trouble determining how marketing and PR can work together to build successful campaigns.

Why is PR important for the legal sector?

In the past, public relations has been associated with large companies and more traditional law firms. However, good PR is now essential for the legal sector as a whole. In fact, smaller and more boutique law firms are now using PR to stand out in an overly saturated market.

A well-established legal PR agency can work with your firm’s marketing team to tap into new markets. They can help you stand out from the competition and improve website traffic. They can also shape the narrative around a crisis so that your firm can recover quickly and avoid long-term fallout.

Here’s how legal PR can boost your marketing potential:

Driving potential clients to your website

Many law firms are aware of the potential power a strong website has to attract a target audience. It’s why the biggest online marketing strategy for law firms is website optimisation. It’s also why up to 66% of legal firms want to spend more on their websites in the future.

Many potential clients are turning to online search for legal representation. This is why referrals from existing clients are no longer the best way to gain new business. Instead, a strong website with content that has been optimised to target the searches of potential clients is key.

A good online presence can be incredibly impactful for winning new clients. PR can help your law firm tap into a wider audience by targeting publications and relevant media channels. These targeted publications can generate high-quality backlinks, which is one of Google’s top three ranking factors for website traffic.

48% of millennials and 49% of Gen Z are more concerned with a law firm’s website than previous generations. Therefore, combining digital PR strategies and SEO tactics can also ensure that your business appeals to a younger demographic.

Shaping the firm’s brand reputation

New clients hire lawyers based on their reputation. As the market continues to evolve, law firms, like many other businesses, continually face new and unique challenges. To stand out from the competition and secure opportunities for your firm, you’ll need to have a strong reputation. This is why reputation management is integral to the success of your firm.

A well-established legal PR agency can build a strong media profile through services such as media training. They can also work with marketing to establish your firm’s authority by creating and implementing a thought leadership strategy.

Thought leadership can demonstrate authority and demonstrate an understanding of the global agenda. It can also show you can anticipate any challenges that might affect your clients.

Increasing trust and credibility

The legal industry still has a long way to go when it comes to public trust. According to data from lawyers weekly, 1 in 5 people are distrustful of lawyers. Many people will search for legal services online. This is why dispelling negativity and reducing stigmas by fostering credibility is so important.

New clients are going to hire individual lawyers based on their reputation. The right PR agency will promote your authority and credibility in a number of ways. This will include creating and promoting content, building a strong media presence, and scheduling speaking engagements.

Cutting through the competition

The legal sector is growing at a rate of around 6% every year. This is good news for those in the industry. However, it’s also an indication of just how saturated the market is currently. A strong PR campaign can help you break through the noise, reach your target audience and raise your market share.

PR can tell your law firm’s story, build your reputation and find new ways of communicating with potential clients. PR can work with marketing to gain an understanding of who your competitors are and the services that they provide. They can monitor your competition in a number of ways, and look for opportunities to advance.

SEO and content creation

It’s crucial that legal service providers have some sort of SEO and content strategy in place. SEO isn’t just about threading a few keywords through your website and hoping for the best. It needs to be part of a complex and consistent content strategy that includes researching, writing and publishing specialist content. It should also include in-depth analysis to establish better strategies in the future.

It’s important that your clients can find all of the relevant information about your firm and services with a quick search. A strong PR agency can produce optimised content that can tap into the unique searches of potential clients.

The results of a strong SEO campaign can be staggering. In fact, the three-year ROI on SEO is around 526% for the average firm. Also, a typical law firm will see an average of 21% increase in organic traffic by improving SEO. Therefore, a strong SEO strategy is capable of bringing in a huge amount of new business.


Having a great legal PR team on hand can boost your marketing efforts and help your firm stand out in a crowded market. Contact AMBITIOUS to find out how we can build your reputation and establish your firm as an authority in the sector.