best of britannia

HOUNDWORTHY heads to Best of Britannia

Best of Britannia is an innovative and highly targeted brand statement event that exclusively caters for British Brands & Makers that design and manufacture in the UK. And, the fabulous HOUNDWORTHY  will be showcasing their goods over the next few days. Events such as these offer great opportunities for brands to engage with customers and we’ll be looking forward to all the feedback.

Sitting shoulder to shoulder with beautiful British brands including the Morgan Motor Company , Camel Valley Vine Yard and Crowns and Coronets, HOUNDWORTHY has already amassed a loyal following so we hope this event won’t disappoint.

Expecting to leave a few pounds lighter, we can’t wait to have a nose around!

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, is a fan of BOB.

“Made in Britain’ stands for quality – we should be proud of the great design and innovation that can be found in London and across the nation. From fashion to furniture and bespoke bicycles to the trends in food, Best of Britannia is showcasing some of our brilliant home-grown talent.”