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Boost your share of voice in healthcare PR

The healthcare industry is facing unique communications challenges that conventional PR campaigns might struggle to face. Some of these challenges might include health-based ad targeting, regulations restrictions and negative public perception.

PR and communications strategies are imperative for tackling these issues. It’s also important for helping your practice, team or facility stand out in an increasingly saturated market.

The benefits of healthcare PR

Whether through online reviews, testimonials or other signals of credibility and expertise, your customers are researching healthcare options. There is no longer an assumption that one doctor, dentist or cosmetic surgeon is as good as the next. This presents a particular challenge for healthcare professionals who don’t have a healthcare PR plan or may not be tech-savvy.

Healthcare public relations can ensure that your brand doesn’t disappear from public view. It can build your reputation by raising awareness, establishing trust, educating your customers and helping you stand out from the crowd.

What is share of voice and why does it matter?

Share of voice is a rewarding, but complex metric. It is a way for healthcare marketing and healthcare PR agency services firms to determine how many people are talking about you compared to your competitors. It also shows you the nature of those conversations. This way, you can be prepared for any potential issues or brewing controversies.

Share of voice is also used to identify any strengths or weaknesses in your public affairs strategy. For example, you may discover that a competitor is getting more coverage for certain types of announcements. You can then adjust your strategy to move the needle in the right direction.

Healthcare PR share of voice strategies

There are a number of ways to boost your healthcare public relations efforts and increase your share of voice. An effective PR strategy can help you build strong relationships with the media and build awareness of your healthcare business. Here are some of the most beneficial healthcare PR strategies for boosting your share of voice:

Create engaging content

The right content strategy can support healthcare PR in a number of ways. High-quality, credible and engaging healthcare content can help you communicate and build authority in your field. It can also support awareness of pressing news and educate current and prospective customers.

Good quality content that has been optimised for search engines can help you rank higher in the SERP (search engine results page). Ranking high for higher volume search terms can have a huge impact on your share of voice. It will help your content sit higher than your competitor’s. Their share of voice will decrease as a result.

Cosmetic surgeons, for example, can publish informational content on their healthcare services and frequently asked questions. Informative content like this can attract prospective clients and patients who are searching for information on a particular procedure. Couple this with patient testimonials and they may be inspired to contact your practice.

Focus on earned media over shared media

Owned media is media that you have paid for. This includes Google Ads, social ads, and traditional options such as TV and print ads. While paid media can provide some brand exposure, earned media is seen as more trustworthy.

Trustworthiness, reputation and credibility are imperative for the healthcare industry. Earned media is the equivalent of a word-of-mouth recommendation for your healthcare brand. The most effective way to boost earned media efforts is to focus on creating good content and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Monitor online conversations

When people talk about your healthcare and wellness business online, very few of them will tag you in their conversations. This is why monitoring online conversations is crucial for discovering what is being said about your brand.

A public relations agency with experience in the healthcare sector can monitor those conversations. They can then determine what is being said about your brand. They can also help discover what is being said about healthcare products, your services, your competitors and the healthcare sector in general.

Stay active on social media

Social share of voice is another great way to boost your healthcare PR efforts. Social media can help you understand how much your brand is being talked about compared to your competitors. It can also offer analytical tools to help you determine the key demographics of your customer base. You can use this information to build a targeted strategy in the future.

The best way to increase your share of voice on social media is to spark conversations about your brand. This can be done by:

  • Running social media ads
  • Collaborating with influencers
  • Creating sharable content
  • Maintain an active presence
  • Respond to customers

Traditionally, measuring share of voice could only track what brands said about themselves. Social share of voice is beneficial because it helps healthcare professionals track what people say about their brands. Social media has become integral to the healthcare PR services industry because it helps brands build relationships and offers social listening and competitive analysis in one place.

Outrank your competitor

It may seem obvious, but the more people are talking about your brand the less they’re talking about your competitor. One of the ways you can outrank your competitor is by analysing and understanding their keywords.

Analysing competitor keywords will help you determine which keywords you should be using in your content. Once you’ve analysed your competitor’s keywords, you can customise your content and webpages to outrank them in the SERP. Some of the best tools to help you find competitor keywords are Semrush, BuzzSumo and WordStream.


Share of voice provides a quantifiable way of measuring your healthcare PR agency’s efforts. An experienced healthcare public relations agency can help your brand become the focal point of positive online conversations. Contact us today to see what we can do for your brand at [email protected] or call 0117 905 1177.