Ahead of the South West’s largest business event – Business Showcase South West – we caught up with AMBITIOUS Director Mel Beeby Clarke to find out what she’s planning to cover in her talk at the event, which takes place on Wednesday 19th June at 1pm.

Mel says:

“When you mention PR most business owners don’t know where to start. This doesn’t surprise me, since it has become something of a ‘cover-all’ phrase, meaning anything from talking to press to putting on a customer event to posting on social media.

Whatever your definition of PR, there has never been more opportunity to raise the profile of your business with the explosion of digital channels on top of more traditional routes to getting publicity. However, this means there’s also a lot of noise for potential customers to filter through as businesses can self-publish to their own blogs, LinkedIn profiles and other channels.

In simple terms, it’s more important than ever to stand out and make sure what you’re saying captures people’s interest.

I’ll be offering practical tips and advice as I want people to leave my workshop understanding what PR is and how it can be used to raise a businesses profile. Every business has something interesting to say no matter what sector they operate in, service they provide or size they are and I hope to help attendees to start thinking about what they have to say, who to and how to put a plan into action to achieve this.”

The Business Showcase South West is from 10am until 4pm on Wednesday 19th June 2019 at Ashton Gate Stadium.  The event is free to park and free to enter and includes free keynotes, workshops, seminars and speed networking sessions.

To book tickets to the event and hear Mel’s top tips for helping your business raise its profile, register here …