Keen to take advantage of the pre Christmas sales, we recently purchased an office Amazon Echo.
At first, we weren’t sure if it was worth it; after all, it appears to just be a fancy speaker. However, after only a week at the office, Alexa has significantly made our lives easier. Here are our top five ways to put Alexa to work, at work.

Newsflash – using Alexa to follow the news

The flash briefing feature is a great time saver for us. As a PR agency, following the news is essential, ask “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?” to hear a condensed version of the daily news. What’s great is that you can customise the news that you hear, our favourites are: BBC News, MTV UK and On This Day.

Taxi please! Alexa can make Uber even more efficient

We are all too familiar with the app Uber, and now it can be operated via Alexa. While it’s not time consuming or difficult to order an Uber from the traditional app, it is helpful to have Alexa alert us when our driver is outside.

Take note – don’t forget tasks and deadlines

At AMBITIOUS, we have very busy days, so simple tasks such as following up with a client can get lost amongst all the tasks and deadlines, Alexa can help us manage those with its Lists & Reminders skill. For example, we might say “Alexa, remind me to email accounts at 5pm”.

Typo alert! How Alexa can check spelling and grammar

Another little trick of Alexa’s we’ve found to be quite useful is that she’s quite the spelling bee. If ever in doubt of a spelling, Alexa can spell the word out for us and even provide the dictionary definition. Not to mention, she is also just as great with numbers.

Office entertainment is even part of Alexa’s package

Now that we’ve proved Alexa is practical, we can admit she also brings some fun to the office. Alexa has a bank full of cheesy jokes, horoscopes and games; and research reveals that workplace fun has been linked to enhanced motivation, reduced stress and improved teamwork.

Of course, these are just a few of the features we’ve discovered so far – see a full list of all of Alexa’s features here. What do you find most useful about Alexa? We’d love to hear how others are using it at work – tell us in the comments below or connect with us on Twitter @Ambitiouspr.