Social Media Week Bristol 2019 goes live from the 10th June.  And, as the organisers of the event, team AMBITIOUS will be heading to as many of the sessions as we can.

It’s a packed schedule, with 1,500 tickets being sold already. Here are five things that we’re looking forward to in June. It’s the Social Media Week edition for this PR agency …


“With over 40 SMWBristol events this year, it’s hard to choose what I’m most looking forward to! If I had to pick one though, it would have to be ‘Sketchnoting for Social – not just for the artists!’ with Liam Williams, founder of LeoDo. I am a huge doodler and love using my iPad pencil to illustrate, so I’m excited to learn how I can incorporate it into my social platforms.”


“I’m looking forward to ADLIB’s ‘Social media career workshop’, hosted at Access Creative College. The AMBITIOUS team is expanding and it will be interesting to hear what advice ADLIB’s recruitment consultants have for young people wanting to work in social media.”


“Since video seems to be the hot topic right now, I’ve booked onto SMW Bristol sessions with Susannah Streeter and Jones Millbank’s. Both sessions will explore storytelling in the digital age through video content, hopefully I’ll pick up some tips and techniques from the pros!”


“If I had to choose one event that I’m looking forward to the most, it would be University of Bristol’s event with Russian feminist activist punk band Pussy Riot, ‘Activism in the social and digital age’. The session will share high profile global case studies of positive change, include presentations from soon to be announced activists and activist groups, a panel discussion and an audience Q&A.”


“Social media can be thought of as a b2c marketing tool, but I’m all about b2b, so I’m glad this year’s line-up features some b2b focussed events, my top three picks are: ‘B2B social media is hard – so how can you make it work for you?’, ‘Why social media matters to the B2B customer journey’, and ‘How can you build your international B2B brand using social media?’.”


“Day one will be at The Everyman Cinema for me. I’m looking forward to introducing Drew Benvie for his session on Social Media Trends 2020. AMBITIOUS is also hosting an event – we’ve been given exclusive access to present a talk from Seth Godin – so we’ll be welcoming guests to that session on the big screen.”

What #SMWBristol events are you going to? Let us know in the comments below – or connect with us on Twitter @Ambitiouspr.

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