Five things we’re looking forward to in February

Woo! We’ve finally made it to February. To celebrate getting through what feels like 100 days of January, we thought we’d share with you five things we’re looking forward to in this short but packed and exciting month!


“Valentine’s Day – big love to all our supportive clients, wonderful team and PR partners. Quite sure I won’t be getting any secret valentines, but there’s always hope! “


“I’m looking forward to National Apprenticeship Week (8 -12 Feb) as it’s often a campaign that many of our clients want to get involved in. It unites the various sectors we work in some way, shape or form. Also as an employer of apprentices, we know what an important platform it is to raise awareness of this route to gainful employment and opportunities.”


“I’m looking forward to getting stuck into a new client project around sustainability and responsible sourcing, aimed at businesses in the mining, consumer electronics and jewellery sectors. Fascinating to learn more about how the supply chain operates in these markets and what business can do to ensure transparency.”


“I’m looking forward to getting more independent with my work within the company after a month of learning from great people in the team! I’ve loved getting back into writing and doing things I’m passionate about so I can’t wait for more of that!”


“Last month I attended a Bristol Creative Industries workshop, which was all about writing creative briefs. I learned a lot of really useful processes such as the distillation and laddering technique, so I’m looking forward to maybe giving it a go this February and writing my own creative brief for the team.”

Are you looking forward to something we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below, or connect with us on Twitter @Ambitiouspr.

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