February Marketing Inspirations

As we see the daffodils blooming for St. David’s day and have been busy flipping our pancakes, March is truly underway and it really feels like we are one step closer to spring! But we can’t forget our February marketing inspirations. As we say goodbye to February, we wanted to share with you some marketing campaigns that caught our eye this short but action-packed month…


To celebrate the premiere of the first episode of the final season of the incredible BBC show, Peaky Blinders, Birmingham City Football Club changed their name back to the title they were founded under, Small Heath Alliance – the area in the city where Tommy Shelby and the rest of the Peaky Blinders live. Genius.



IKEA has opened its first ‘small store’ in the UK and they have gained some great coverage. I love the tagline in the image ‘smaller store, still big on wonder’. It’s shown under a huge version of their Jättelik dinosaur toy sightseeing over Hammersmith Bridge. It is a simple but effective message that a high street Ikea aims to be more accessible and adapt to evolving shopping behaviours.




A campaign that caught my eye was Papa Johns’ collaboration with Warner Bros to promote the new Batman.

Over the two days before the movie’s release, Papa Johns will be projecting their logo on buildings in true Batman style and serving their Black Ghost Chilli Chicken Wings for free across their London branches.

The campaign is really effective in building hype for the movie, and for me, projecting their logo is a great way to make excited moviegoers feel like they’re part of the action. And who can say no to free food?


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I have loved seeing the promotion around this Primark x Greggs collab on socials. The stores have showcased the campaign as a festival announcement on where the clothing will be ‘headlining’.  They are definitely the perfect garms for a festival scene. It’s a great collection between the two brands as they both reach the same audiences, that are likely to be going to festivals too, so it’s bang on.


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The Allianz Arena is built so that the whole exterior can be lit in any way or design they want. Previously, It has been lit up as a red and green birthday present for Christmas, the Bayern Munich colours on match days, and for incredibly serious issues such as orange for ending violence to women and girls.

Focusing on the latter, they did this again to draw attention to the seriousness surrounding Munich’s twin city Kyiv. They chose the Blue and yellow of Ukraine to light up the building. It not only raises awareness in the city but they always post the different colours of the building on their socials for everyone to see.


What a great collection for our February Marketing Inspirations. An amazing month for clever adverts of tasty treats, tiny stores, and a few impactful collaborations. These campaigns give the team great inspiration for marketing, they have caught their eye so they have clearly done their job. A theme across all of the campaigns is using their socials to their best ability to promote their campaign. Which we also do for ourselves and our clients, Take a look at our social media and content creation services.

Let’s March on!