Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Policy Statement

We acknowledge that as a business, we have an impact on the environment, both directly and indirectly. Influence with integrity is one of our core values, which guides how we work with clients, with each other, our communities, and the wider world.

We want to have a positive impact on the world around us and be a responsible business. This means continuously learning and adopting new approaches to sustainability and environmental issues as our business evolves.


This policy aims to promote environmentally responsible behaviours in the workplace and beyond, setting out key principles to guide the activity of employees and contractors.

Carbon footprint

Together with Greener Energy Futures, we have conducted a carbon footprint analysis for the financial year 2022-23. This shows an overall footprint of approximately 63.5 tonnes CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalents), which translates to the footprint of 13 average UK individuals. Most of our emissions fall under scope 3, meaning they relate to our supply chain, and particularly, the goods and services we purchase.

Now that we understand our baseline, we can introduce policies and solutions to address and reduce our environmental impact, whilst also improving the overall sustainability and resilience of our business as we work towards a net-zero objective of 2030 in line with the Bristol One Climate Strategy

Environmental education

Being informed about the climate crisis, and the ways in which businesses and individuals can and should respond is key to doing what we do well. Employees regularly participate in training sessions and are encouraged to share suggestions for sustainable practices in both our personal and professional lives.

Waste, energy and resources

To reduce our consumption of resources and energy, we:

  • Adopt “lights on only if needed” approach and ensure lights and equipment are switched off out of office hours.
  • Encourage minimal printing to reduce paper waste.
  • Use bio-degradable and non-harmful cleaning products wherever we can.
  • Arrange for recycling of waste including food waste to compost.
  • Use energy-efficient equipment e.g. LED lighting wherever possible.
  • Use water efficiently.
  • Source locally produced products and services wherever possible.


We encourage the use of video conferencing, when possible, to avoid unnecessary travel. Employees are encouraged to use the Low Carbon Transport hierarchy (with consideration of accessibility needs) when deciding on forms of transport to visit clients. When driving is the only viable choice, we encourage car sharing. AMBITIOUS’ office is located near to public transport options and bike storage facilities are provided onsite.

Supplier engagement

We know that engaging with our suppliers around their ESG policies and environmental commitments creates a positive feedback mechanism and helps build stronger relationships as well as reducing our negative impact through better supplier choices.

Therefore, we will share this policy with suppliers and contractors, encouraging the development of good environmental practice.

Leadership commitment

We are dedicated to upholding these environmental principles and embedding them in every aspect of our work at AMBITIOUS. We will allocate resources, provide necessary training, and encourage innovation to ensure the successful implementation of our environmental policy.

Regular Review

This environmental policy will be reviewed annually to evaluate our progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure our commitment to environmental sustainability remains steadfast.