We’re AMBITIOUS by name and by nature and that means we get to work with like-minded businesses owners and entrepreneurs.

One such business owner is Chris Huxley-Reynard, founder and engineering director at Reygar Marine Systems – a man on a mission to make a difference in the marine industry. We’re taking the opportunity to shine the spotlight on him and his business for our guest blog … Entrepreneur Insight …


Your & Your business:

Tell us a bit about you Chris … I’m a marine engineer, father of three young children, with a passion for invention and long-term interest in renewable energy.

What made you decide to set up your own business? Reygar is the second business where I have been an owner/ director. It’s a combination of wanting to crack a particular technical challenge, wanting to do it better than the “big-boys”, and wanting to be master of my own destiny. I’m an engineer at heart, the business side I have had to get better at…

What is your business all about? Providing innovative monitoring and control systems for boats and fleets. This involves the “internet of things”, i.e. gathering information remotely on boats and relaying this back to a customer in the comfort of their warm cosy office. Where we are different is the way we are able to gather and process huge amounts of data and present it in a concise, relevant, easy to understand way.

What would be your elevator pitch to a room of investors or prospect clients? By providing accurate, up to date and concise information about your fleet operations, our product provides key insight into the performance of your business. The information reported allows and your customers money to save money through reduced maintenance, reduced fuel use and improved availability of vessels. This info is relevant to everyone in your organisation, from engineers working on the boats right through to the boardroom.

What makes Reygar different to its competitors?  Our ability to take complex information and present it in a simple, intuitive way. We see things from the perspective of our customers.


What do you think about …

You’ve developed innovative technology. Do you have to be innovative to be an entrepreneur?  Not technically innovative no. Most successful entrepreneurs aren’t techy but they have an eye for business opportunities

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start their own business? Keep considering the big picture, be flexible, constantly re-assess what is working and what isn’t and be prepared to make changes.

What would you say are the top skills needed to be a successful business owner?  Determination, determination, determination… Also the ability to relate to and engage people


Why you do what you do …

What motivates you? Sense of personal satisfaction, both technical and business related. Also achieving a worthwhile goal for a community and the planet.

How do you generate new ideas? Catch the train and look out of the window.

What is your favourite aspect of running your own business? Independence and a direct link between effort in vested and reward

What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur & get Reygar to this stage? Financial investment, time with my children and family, late nights, social life and hobbies (but I generally love my work so that’s not a bad substitute for hobbies…)


And finally … If you could ask someone who inspires you a question … who would you ask & what would you ask them? 

Sy Liebergot was a flight controller at NASA, responsible for the electrical and control systems onboard the Apollo spacecraft that took astronauts to the moon. He worked at mission control on the ground, he never went into space.

He was instrumental in getting the crew of Apollo13 safely back to earth when their spacecraft suffered an explosion en route to the moon. He was a master of complexity, but managed to keep the big picture. I would ask him how he kept perspective in the thick of everything going wrong.