February Marketing Inspirations

As we see the daffodils blooming for St. David's day and have…
social media media training

Media training for social media

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work, rest and…

Media training: why you need to prep for interviews

Master the art of the interview and ensure your messages are…
CEO media training

Lights, camera, action: why CEO media training is vital

Lights, camera, action…. there’s nothing like media interviews…

January Marketing Inspirations

Hooray! You have made it past the 1000th day of January, and…

How your B2B business can work with UK influencers

The opportunities for B2B businesses to use UK micro-influencers…

Video is king of social media, what next?

Brands without a social media video strategy will soon be left…

We need you! A Sustainability Communications PR Consultant

Sustainability Communications: PR Consultant Now is the time…

Earned media and the PESO framework

In our last blog we took a wide angle look at the PESO framework;…
PR & social media industry trends

Our top PR & social media industry trends

A lot has changed since January, so we thought it was time to…